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Danielle Crosby - Thursday, December 11, 2014


We are very proud to be supporters of the Rotary Donations In Kind. We donate hundreds of rolls of old fabrics which are then distributed to people in need, including to East Timor and made into valued practical items such as rice bags, clothing and cushions!

So far this century the Rotary Donations In Kind has been able to ship 367 containers with a overseas aid value of $37,754,000.

Welcome to Rotary Donations In Kind

Rotary Donations In Kind is a major recycling operation, run by volunteers, that gives suitable goods to people in need, for free.

The West Footscray Store is part of the National Rotary Donations In Kind Store network, which is Rotary Australia’s largest ongoing project and the West Footscray Store is the largest in Victoria.

A Donations In Kind (DIK) project is often the most practical and cost effective way to help people in developing countries and it also provides excellent opportunities to help local communities.

It provides Rotarians, the Public and Corporate Sector with the chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who need our help.

It provides Rotarians with opportunities to use all of their resources; their intellect, skills and contacts, their labour and their ability to raise funds.

There is an opportunity for everyone no matter where they are located or the time available, to get involved and make a difference.

Rotary Donations In Kind


DIK’s roots go back 50 years, when Australian Rotarians began hands-on projects overseas and it became obvious that surplus material in Australia would be very valuable. It is part of Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) a group that assists with practical projects in developing countries. Click here for more information on RAWCS and DIK nationally.

West Footscray Shipping Activity

West Footscray Shipping Activity Results
Container shipped 2012-13 47 * 20’ container units
Containers shipped since 2000 367 containers to 21 countries (1/7/13)
Hours worked - 2012-13
Since 2000
Hours 10,898 value $328,959
Hours 102,342 value $2,933,00
Freight cost - 2012-13 $116,548 * this figure includes some expenditure on plant and equipment
Running Cost - 2012-13 Although the rent is discounted the annual running costs were $59,358 which is fully funded by rotary clubs

Material Required

While the major focus is on Education, Health, Supporting Communities and Business Development, there is also a great need to help the underprivileged so common in developing countries. Because the people involved fully research the projects they understand exactly what is required and have the experience and imagination to adapt. Most people have useful material in their homes or business.


Donations In Kind is one of the most cost effective recycling operations in the Australia. It is run by volunteers and the operation is funded by Rotary. There is an opportunity for everyone who cares about our future to work with enthusiastic people who make real difference.

Volunteering Opportunities

Everyone Rotarians and members of the public can get involved - in your home, with your Rotary Club, in your community or working in the store.

Corporate Support

Being seen as good Corporate Citizens is vital to modern organizations and the responsible disposal of surplus material is an important factor. Increasingly organizations are choosing Rotary Donations In Kind as the safest and best option for the reusable goods they no longer require. Because Rotary operates in 214 countries and distributes the goods regardless of race, religion or politics, there can be no claims of bias. Rotary fully funds the operation and people in genuine need receive the goods for free. Donated goods are not sold to fund the operation. Donations In Kind will fully comply with any restrictions on where and how goods can be used. They won’t end up on a market stall locally or overseas.

Anonymity or Promotion: If requested we guarantee anonymity. Alternatively we can provide promotional material for your internal use, promotion in Rotary Media, a media package for your use and where possible promotion in the media.

Tax and other benefits as a business based organization we understand corporate issues and requirements. Click here for more information

Rotary Club Involvement

Given the range of options there is something to suit every Member and Club.


There are projects available to suit Clubs resources, Skills and Contacts, labour and fundraising. There are projects to individuals interests and resources.

East Timor

Because of their location and the interests of the local Rotary Clubs some Donations In Kind Stores regularly ship to particular countries. The West Footscray makes regular shipments and helps Interstate Rotary Clubs and supporter groups to ship goods to East Timor.

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