Plantation Shutter Product types.

Plantation Shutters

PVC Shutters

PVC shutters work hard, are affordable, and have lots of benefits. Being UV, water and moisture resistant to withstand fading, cracking or warping makes them ideal for any space but especially for use in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Choose from our large range of PVC Premium Shutters or our select range of PVC Essential Shutters where we’ve done all the thinking for you.


For increased strength and durability, our new generation PVC Shutters are constructed with high grade extruded Polyresin and an aluminium core in each blade and panel.

  • Custom made to perfectly fit your window or door
  • Strong + durable aluminium core
  • Water + moisture resistant
  • Especially suited to wet areas
  • UV resistant colours
Plantation Shutters in bay window

PVC Essential Shutters

With so many Shutter choices available, it can get a little overwhelming. So we’ve simplified the choice for you by offering a select colour range and the most popular style in two blade widths. Easy peasy! The PVC Essential Shutter range offers you three of the most popular whites which co-ordinate with Dulux, Wattyl and Haymes paints. That should cover you!

  • Custom made to perfectly fit your window or door
  • Strong + durable aluminium core
  • Water + moisture resistant
  • Especially suited to wet areas
  • UV resistant colours
Plantation Shutters

Timber Shutters

Transform a room or your whole home with the beauty, practicality and strength of Timber Shutters. Available in a range of finishes and UV resistant colours it’s easy to create a stylish interior where you can easily control light without losing privacy.


Quality is very important to us which is why our Plantation Shutters are constructed from premium grade, 100% plantation grown timber. This medium density timber gives good resistance to knocks, bumps, bowing and warping, making it ideal for Shutters.

  • Custom made to perfectly fit your window or door
  • Timeless beauty + warmth of timber
  • Timber grown from sustainable plantations
  • Excellent light + privacy control
  • Choose from Australia’s largest range of colours + stains

Design options for Plantation Shutters.

PVC Plantation Shutters


Select from Australia’s largest range of frame designs to match your Shutters to the style of your interior. Our custom range of frames are designed to fit the style and size of your window and are mounted onto a wall or window. The Shutter panels are then mounted inside the frame for a beautiful, professional finish.

Plantation Shutters


63mm wide

Suitable for most window sizes, including French doors.


89mm wide

The most popular size which offers a more contemporary look and optimises the amount of light.


114mm wide

Perfect choice for large or very tall windows.

Shutter Closing Styles


Astragal stile

Stiles support the blades in a Shutter panel. This stile closes the gap between the panels. The best choice to eliminate gaps of light for superior light control and privacy.


Butt stile

The panels meet together without any additional moulding.


Rabbet stile

The panels interlock to give more light control than the Butt stile.



Colour is so important when it comes to interior design. Getting it just right can be a challenge which is why we offer an extensive colour range. Choose from crisp whites to warm timber stains – whether your home is contemporary or traditional, we have a colour to suit. 

Looking for something more exclusive? We can customise Shutter colours so they co-ordinate with your wall paint or furnishings. Or you can choose to mix and match your panel and frame colours to create a style all your own.

Last but not least, we’ve even thought of the hinges to match. You can choose from antique brass, bisque, black, nickel plated, pearl, stainless steel or white.


Find the best colour match by visiting your nearest store located all over Australia including Melbourne and regional Victoria, the ACT, New South Wales and South Australia.

Plantation Shutters

Shapes for Shutters.

Losing sleep over an odd shape window and what to do with it? Contrary to what you may think, Shutters can handle it. If you have irregular shaped windows or doors, we can manufacture to fit any size or shape: angles, arches, circles, ovals, triangles, sunbursts, hexagons or even octagons!

What’s more, our Shutters can be made to easily accommodate door handles or window winders. It’s our job to think of everything.

Control options.

Plantation Shutters


A tilt rod is a vertical rod used to rotate the blades. The Clearview style conceals the tilt rod at the back of the panel ensuring uninterrupted views through open blades. Perfect for a contemporary look.

Plantation Shutters with centre Tilt Rod

Centre Tilt Rod

The tilt rod is centred on the front of the panel providing the more traditional look of Plantation Shutters.

Plantation Shutters with Tilt Rod

Offset Tilt Rod

This tilt rod is offset on the front of the panel for a classic look offering a less obstructed view through open blades.


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