DIY vs Professional Installation of Blinds + Curtains | Pros + Cons.

DIY or professional installation? We cover the Pros and Cons of both to help you make the best decision for your home.

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Considerations for professional installation of Blinds + Curtains versus doing it yourself.

At dollar curtains + blinds we take care of everything including professional measure and installation for those that don’t have the time or tools available, but did you know you can also choose to install your Curtains, Blinds and Shutters yourself through us? For the handy DIY person this may be the option for you. In this blog we will go over the Pros and Cons of both options so you can choose what is most suitable for you and your home.


Professional Installation Pros. 

Professional installers are trained and experienced in fitting window coverings every day.

This training and experience ensures that the job will be done correctly and efficiently with minimal disruption to the homeowner. Giving you back valuable time to focus on all the other details required when building, renovating or simply undertaking a makeover.


Having your products professionally installed means you are covered by an installation warranty.

This means that if anything does go wrong then any repairs and alterations are covered under your warranty with dollar curtains + blinds.


Save time.

Installing a full house of window coverings will take a professional installer a few hours to complete thanks to their experience. The same job could take a few days to do for someone that has never installed Blinds or Curtains before.


No tools required.

Our professional installers have everything needed to get the job done perfectly, right down to the best screws. They even take the rubbish away!

Professional Installation Cons.

You will need to wait for an installation appointment once your products are ready.

How soon our professional installers will be able to install your window coverings depends on your availability and theirs once your products are ready, however a job that may take you a day or more to do yourself would only take them a few hours.


It costs more.

Having your products professionally installed does cost more. This is one of the most common reasons for customers choosing to install their Curtains, Blinds or Shutters themselves. Although it is important to consider that if anything goes wrong when installing yourself it could end up costing you more than the installation would have been. If this is a big factor for you ask for one quote with installation and one without. You may find that professional installation isn’t as expensive as expected and realise the hassle of DIY installation isn’t worth it.

“I opened my door to the dollar curtains + blinds installer and closed it a few hours later with gorgeous Curtains, Blinds and Shutters installed.”


DIY Installation Pros.

Work Around Your Schedule.

If you’re planning on installing your own window coverings, then once they are ready and in the store, you can collect them as soon as you like! Perfect for those that don’t like to wait and are keen to get them up straight away.


Save Money.

Installing your own products will save you money. However, it is important to consider that if anything goes wrong (the drill slipping and putting a hole in the wall is a common one!) it may end up costing you more than your installation would have been, to repair.


Be Proud.

Successfully completing a DIY project brings with it a great sense of satisfaction. There is nothing better than sitting back and appreciating the results of your hard work.

DIY Installation Cons.

It can take longer.

Unless you have experience, installing your own window coverings can be trickier and more time consuming than you would think. What would take a professional a few hours may end up taking you a few days or longer!


You will need tools.

Although not much is needed to install your own window coverings you will need some basic equipment. To install your own products, you will require a tape measure, drill, screwdriver, and a ladder that allows you to reach the top of your windows.


You won’t be covered by an Installation Warranty.

If anything goes wrong while installing your window coverings whether it be to the product or your home, you won’t be covered by an installation warranty which could have you needing to cover extra costs for repairs.


Transporting your order.

If you have large windows and the products you have ordered are long you will need to consider how you will get them home as some may be too long for a standard car.

What sets dollar curtains + blinds apart?

We offer an in home free measure + quote service with our experienced Interior Consultants. Not only will we come to you and measure your windows, we can also assist in guiding you through the process of choosing the right window coverings for your home with absolutely no obligations. We can even help you before your home is built, Simply provide final floor plans from your architect, builder or developer and we’ll do the rest. When your build is complete we will visit and undertake a free check-measure just to be absolutely sure.


Our showrooms offer the opportunity to see all of our products in action. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are there to answer any questions and assist you in every possible way.  We have displays allowing you to touch, test and see exactly what you are getting to help you make the right choice for your home.


We know that window coverings are a significant investment, which is why you’ll find full-length samples in our stores. No more guessing from tiny fabric samples – when you visit us in-store, you’ll get the complete picture of how your new Curtains, Blinds, Shutters and Awnings will look in your home.



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