Best Curtains + Blinds to keep the cold out this Winter.

Learn which Curtains and Blinds are the best to keep your home warm this winter from the experts at dc+b.

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Do Blinds and Curtains make a significant difference in keeping the home warm in Winter?

With winter fast approaching we’re all beginning to feel the chill and seek ways to keep warm. With energy costs on the rise along with everything else people are asking the question “Do Blinds and Curtains make a significant difference in keeping the house warm and heating costs down?”

Here at dollar curtains + blinds we are happy to tell you that after being in the Australian window covering industry for over 50 years, we know the answer. In this blog we will cover the best Curtains and Blinds to keep your home warm this winter and keep those energy bills down.

Best Blinds for winter.

Cellular Blinds.

The ultimate energy saving blind. The unique honeycomb structure of our Cellular Blinds, also known as Honeycomb Blinds, saves energy by trapping air, making it easier to heat and cool your home. A variety of design and operating options provide the ultimate in light and privacy control whilst slimline hardware minimises light gaps and maximises views.


Our Cellular Blinds or Thermal Blinds save up to 32% more on heating and cooling costs compared to a standard Roller Blind. The cell construction makes it difficult for heat energy to transfer in and out of the window. This improves energy efficiency, reducing your heating and cooling costs in both winter and summer.

Roman Blinds.

Roman Blinds consist of soft luxurious pleated folds which are raised fold by fold creating a soft layered look.


The perfect solution for areas with no space available for Curtains, they allow you to adjust light in any room while making your windows look soft and beautiful. They’re also great insulators. They can be raised above the window so natural light isn’t compromised and in doing so act as a Pelmet which completes the look of the window.


Our Soft Roman Blinds are constructed with high quality lining which keeps the front Curtain fabric stable, ensures no shrinkage or distortion, and provides increased insulation and light control.


For maximum insulation, a Roman Blind with a Curtain in front is a fabulous solution

Roller Blinds.

Fabric is an essential part of choosing Roller Blinds. Each fabric has its own unique characteristics and performance levels so its important to choose the best fabric for your requirements.


At dc+b we offer an extensive collection of contemporary and traditional blind fabrics for light, warmth and privacy within your home.


Perfected through years of research and development, our Double Roller Blinds allow you to combine two Blinds so there’s no need to compromise on your privacy or view. With two Blinds on the same bracket, it’s easy to switch between a Blockout Blind for privacy and a Sunscreen Blind to let the sun in and filter the view.

Best Curtains for winter.

Blockout Curtains.

Blockout Curtains are the ultimate choice for light, temperature and privacy control in your home.


Our range of Blockout/Blackout Curtains provide superior thermal insulation, preserving up to 20% of the heat in your home. Look stylish and save money on energy bills with dc+b’s range of Blockout curtains.


A great choice for bedrooms or dining/living rooms, choose from our range of coated fabrics or select an uncoated fabric with lining fabric attached. If you’re looking for complete light control then lined Curtains are the ideal solution – combined with Pelmets you can enjoy the ultimate in room darkening and insulation.

Double Curtains.

Two is always better than one, right?


Our Double Curtains combine a Blockout Curtain and Sheer Curtain on the one window for a well-designed and practical finish. The perfect investment for your windows and your home, they give double the practical benefits as well as all the visual benefits of soft, luxurious Curtains.


Open the Blockout Curtains during the day and keep the Sheer Curtains closed for diffused light and daytime privacy. Close the Blockout Curtains in the evening for complete light control, privacy, noise reduction and thermal insulation. You have the choice of layering one or the other to the front or back.



Curtain Lining.

Once upon a time, blockout linings were desperately practical, coming in white or off white (if you were lucky) and with a three pass coating on the back (three layers of acrylic based flock).


Nowadays there are loads of colour choices, allowing you to amplify the tone of a Sheer or complement your interior or exterior wall colour. Acrylic backing still exists, and now too does silicone, which has some amazing practical aspects such as ease of washing and great for those with dust allergies as dust won’t stick. These will block all light from your space and will sit behind your face fabric adding volume, UV protection and thermal benefits as well.

“The right window covering solutions give you total control of light and privacy, while improving the thermal performance of your home for greater comfort and lower energy bills.”

— dc+b Interior Consultant

So which window covering option is the best for you?

Every home is different so there is no right or wrong answer here. Each house has its own style and each window is unique. In term of what offers the best insulation overall Cellular Blinds and Double Curtains are proven to be the best for the job. However these options don’t suit everyones home, windows or style.


For a comprehensive in home Free Design, Measure + Quote to discuss the best options for you contact your nearest showroom today or book online.

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