Window covering design rules from The Block.

Mastering a luxe country aesthetic.


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The Block has made a tree change this year, and with it, is serving up a big dose of country design inspiration. Not just a style for regional homes, the Farmhouse and Provincial design styles have been gaining traction globally for years. It’s seeing elements of this warm and earthy aesthetic filter through into metropolitan homes as well.

When The Block takes on a design style, you know you can expect an elevated version of it. Of course, there have been some missteps along the way but here are 7 window covering design rules we can learn from The Block on how to master a luxe country aesthetic.

Rule #1 – Pelmets are back in vogue.

Forget the bulky timber Pelmets of the ‘80s, the new take on Pelmets is to use the same colour as your walls for a discreet and streamlined finish. Another way Pelmets have been modernised is to install them higher and wider than your window or sliding door, creating the sense of a larger and more open space.


Pelmets are an excellent way to conceal your Curtain Tracks and minimise air gaps, reducing heat loss by up to 25 per cent.


Adding to the country aesthetic, you can also use detailed plasterwork on your cornices for a hint of Old World charm.

Rule #2 – Curtains in the kitchen can be done.

Curtains are the ultimate window covering. Adding texture, softness and movement to any space, while also improving thermal benefits, offering excellent light control, privacy and more. Yet many people shy away from using Curtains in the kitchen.


That incredible kitchen moment by Omar and Oz proves that Curtains in the kitchen can – and should be done!

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • opt for a float length in this high traffic area for ease of cleaning.
  • consider Automation so you can open and close your Curtain with a touch of a button the last thing any of us would want are oil stains on our gorgeous Curtains.
  • select a high performance fabric that won’t shrink with the humidity of cooking and the experts at dollar curtains + blinds can advise on the best options.


Rule #3 – Plantation Shutters in wet areas are always a good idea.

The most popular window treatment for wet rooms in Australia are Plantation Shutters and this rings true for the country aesthetic too. Plantation Shutters are a stylish, timeless window covering that are custom made to fit any size or shape window, including traditional windows that can be arched or oddly sized.


Shutters have a long list of benefits but an added bonus of those from dollar curtains + blinds is the aluminium core in their PVC Shutters. This gives their Shutters extra durability so they won’t bow or bend with moisture for a longer lasting Shutter.

“Plantation Shutters are elegant, durable and best of all, practical.”

— dc+b Interior Consultant

Rule #4 – Bay windows + Curtains are a match made in heaven.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a bay window in your home celebrate it! And as we’re seeing on this series of The Block, the best way to do this is with custom made Sheer Curtains.


Sheers filter light beautifully and create the ultimate serene spot to enjoy a good book or simply lounge and relax.

Rule #5 – Recessed Curtain tracks achieve a designer finish.

If you can’t get behind the resurgence of Pelmets, another way to achieve a designer finish is to recess your Curtain Track. Using a Curtain box in the ceiling, it conceals the Track and hardware for an effortlessly elegant result.


Recessing your Curtain Track is a design feature often seen metropolitan homes. But today’s modern country aesthetic is pared back, sees a blurring of new and old, and has many contemporary influences.

Rule #6 – Choose your Curtain length wisely.

Float, kiss or puddle, the Curtain length you choose can drastically change the look and feel of your room.


Traditionally, the country aesthetic would use a puddle length, which as the name suggests is where the Curtain length is 5-8cm longer and would gather on the floor. This instantly creates an opulent and elegant look, suited to glamorous country estates.


Although the more contemporary interpretation of country design is shaking things up. Float and kiss lengths are also used… and at times, are the better choice.


As well as look, there are practical things to consider when choosing your Curtain length. If you aren’t just wanting to channel the country aesthetic but actually live on a working farm, a puddle length Curtain in high traffic areas (especially to your mudroom or laundry) would be a no-no.


Good design is all about balancing functionality and aesthetics so take your time to make this important decision, considering your design vision and lifestyle needs.

Rule #7 – Knife pleat Curtain headings shouldn’t be overlooked.

In metropolitan interiors, it’s all about Wave Fold Curtains. Yet another heading style worth exploring to achieve the country design style is knife pleat. A somewhat more relaxed, less structured curtain heading style, it allows the other elements of a room to be the focus.


With the widest range of window covering solutions and fabrics in Australia, get in Contact with the team at dollar curtains + blinds for a free measure and quote to achieve some of these Block looks in your home.


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David Cook Photography courtesy of The Block Shop and nine now.

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