Environmental Elegance.

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Words by
dc+b editor
Photography Kit Haselden

When planning their build, which would soon become their forever home, the owners wanted to create a sustainable yet stylish oasis for them to enjoy for years to come.

Bringing your vision to life can be a challenging journey, but when the end results are exactly how you envisioned, it makes all that stress worth it.

The key to getting the perfect finish is perfect planning and preparation, which is exactly what the owners of this stunning Melbourne home did with the help of their architect and the design experts at Studio Bright.

Modern Australian in style with influences of mid-century and modernist design this home is one to remember. Built on a breathtaking site overlooking the native landscape the home boasts key elements connecting it to its surrounds.


Situated on the block to make the most of the breathtaking views and natural light, everything was considered when designing this build.


With a calming darker pallet combining charcoals, spotted gum, and sleek aluminium, with pops of forest green creating a connection between the indoor spaces and the surrounding native landscape.

Sustainable Style.

Knowing that they wanted to be able to completely conceal their blinds when they weren’t in use so that they could enjoy their views, the owners planned with their architect to build in concealed recesses for all their Blinds resulting in a modern and neat finish.

At the suggestion of their architect the owners visited us at dollar curtains + blinds for assistance on choosing the perfect window covering option for their home.

With sustainability and the environment being one of the key focuses , the owners opted for our Cellular Blinds after discovering that the revolutionary Cellular Blinds save up to 32% more on heating and cooling costs compared to a standard Roller Blind.

Available in a wide range of colours and textures they decided on a textured charcoal throughout the home to match their chosen wall colour with a lighter driftwood tone in the kitchen to create contrast and lighten the narrow space.

“We love how compact the Cellular Blinds are, when they are open you can’t even tell they are there!”

— Emily, Studio Bright

In the office area our top down/bottom-up option was chosen to provide complete flexibility of where the blinds sit on the window as the sun moves across the sky.


This versatility made it the perfect option for when the owners are working from home and still want natural light without having the sun on their faces.


With a lighter backing that helps to reflect heat away from the windows, the Cellular Blinds work perfectly with the home’s lighter outdoor façade. Boasting light grey honed concrete blocks and aluminium panelling designed for deciduous creeping plants to grow up over time, creating natural shade over the home in the warmer months.

“At the desks we used the top-down/bottom-up style to maximise the functionality of the space.”

— Emily, Studio Bright



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