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In Australia, we’re lucky enough to have a climate that lets us enjoy outdoor living most of the year. Although to really make the most of outdoor spaces, it’s best to get a little protection from the elements and those pesky insects. There’s a wide range of exterior window covering options to create outdoor living spaces you can enjoy year-round.

Let’s cover the most popular Alfresco Awning, Outdoor Blind and Shutter options and the benefits of each so you can decide what’s best for your home.

Zipscreen Awnings.

Starting with the most luxe solution on the market, it’s hard to beat Zipscreen Awnings. These Awnings can transform any outdoor area into a private and protected outdoor living space.


Zipscreen can fix to an alfresco, pergola or veranda to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area. They are also popular for external windows as they offer sun and UV protection, increase privacy and are anti-glare.


Custom made to suit your outdoor area, Zipscreen Awnings are a great option for:

  • courtyards
  • patios
  • alfresco areas
  • pool areas



  • decks
  • terraces
  • ground floor windows

What sets this product apart is its unique design that uses side channels, making it wind resistant and offering better protection from insects.


It also has a seamlessly integrated Ultra-lock technology, which adds to its reliable and durable design.


Add convenience by motorising your Zipscreen. Choose from remote control or our mobile and tablet app to control it with the touch of a button.


Get ready to sit back and enjoy your chillout zone while Zipscreen takes care of your comfort.

Zipscreen Awnings


External Awnings


Alfresco Awnings.

Another popular option for outdoor areas is an Alfresco Awning. Functioning in a similar way to Zipscreen, Alfresco Awnings provide privacy and UV protection.

There are 3 types of Alfresco Awnings:

  • Straight Drop Alfresco Awning
  • Cable Guide Alfresco Awning
  • Side Retention Alfresco Awning




Each type of Alfresco Awnings operates in a slightly different way and prices vary depending on the system you choose and the fabric you select. Find out more about our range of Alfresco Awnings in our Awnings Brochure or in stores.


Speaking of fabrics, we have the widest range of alfresco and outdoor Blind fabrics in Australia. Visit your nearest store to browse the range of mesh, canvas and acrylic fabrics available. It’s also a great opportunity to see our range of outdoor displays in person.

Zipscreen Awnings

Zipscreen Awnings


Folding Arm Awnings.

Folding Arm Awnings give you the versatility of providing protection from sun and rain when you need it and retracting to discretely hide away at other times.

Our Folding Arm Awnings require no other form of support, meaning you do not need to fix these to posts or the underside of a roof structure. It can be an ideal solution for homes with body corporate rules that do not allow backyard structures to be built.

Folding Arm Awnings are available in selected stores.

Folding Arm Awning

Aluminium Shutters.

The final product that can transform your outdoors into an outdoor living space are durable, outdoor Aluminium Shutters.


Ultra-stylish, these Shutters are also incredibly durable and can offer protection from heat, rain and wind.


The design of Aluminium Shutters makes it easy to control light and airflow. This means you can make the most of those cooling summer breezes or block out chilly winds in winter.





Aluminium Shutters can enclose patios, balconies and verandas to create an extra room in an outdoor living area. With their unique locking system, they’re also a great way to improve the security of your home.


Did you find the right solution from these Alfresco Awning and Outdoor Blind options to create your outdoor living space? Our experienced team is here to help. Visit your nearest store where a consultant can advise on the best options for your home. Be sure to bring some images of your space!

Outdoor Shutters

Outdoor Shutters


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