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As leading innovators of window covering hardware solutions in Australia, Rollease Acmeda are our preferred hardware supply partner for good reason. Rollease Acmeda is at the cutting edge of window covering trends because their superior systems have evolved over time. Their continuous improvements in product development have been enhanced from extensive research and development by a team of over 25 engineers in their Innovation and Design Centre based in Melbourne.

“I think one of the most interesting things about automation isn't on the practical side. I think it's about creating magic and wonder and moments of splendour.”

— Genevieve Bell. Anthropologist.

Creating an automated + sustainable sanctuary.

Energy efficiency with Automate® window coverings.

Our Automate® window coverings add more to a home than just convenience by facilitating the advanced control of your interior climate. Regardless of how sophisticated your window glazing or tint may be, they’re rarely a match for the benefits of Automated window coverings.

Wild weather shifts, strong sun rays or cold overcast skies, usually result in excessive use of air-conditioning, heating and lighting. Although it may be second nature to reach for the thermostat it can prove to be detrimental to your yearly energy expenses, not to mention its negative effect on global climate control.

Similarly, switching the lights on in your home is traditionally more convenient than manually raising Blinds or opening Drapes. Unfortunately, this too has a negative impact on your home, your wallet and our planet. Our Automate® window covering systems add a new dimension of control and convenience that can help you break out of conventional and costly habits.

Research has found that windows left uncovered are responsible for up to a 40% loss of heating energy, while conversely also contributing up to 87% of a home’s heat gain*, depending on external weather conditions. Mitigating such high amounts of energy transfer through windows can be as simple as raising or lowering your window coverings at optimal times.

Motorised window coverings seamlessly integrate into modern day living and offer a safer and more efficient solution than their manually operated counterparts. Effortlessly manage your window coverings with dynamic control options, from remotes to sun-sensitive sensors.


Window Furnishings home automation

Capture heat in winter + release it in summer.

A dynamic Automated system can cover your windows in times of intense heat, creating a comfortable, shaded sanctuary. Just as easily, it can raise all the window coverings in your home to absorb as much sun light as possible significantly reducing the amount of internal heating required during the cooler months. For every day in between, your window coverings can effortlessly move at the touch of a button to suit your lifestyle and combat the ever-changing outside environment.

The world’s need for energy efficient solutions continues to increase and we’re committed to offering a better connected, secure and emission free home. A sustainable future that allows for the luxuries of life without damaging the world around us.

Smarter systems to optimise internal environments.

By installing a unique, dynamic system that seamlessly raises or lowers your window coverings throughout the day, your home naturally regulates it climate dependent on the outside temperature, time or the position of the sun.

Automate’s smart triggers, schedules, timers and sensors, ensure your window coverings move to optimise your home’s energy efficiency. A modern home is a connected home and with our Automation options your window coverings quickly familiarise themselves into any existing IoT eco system. They will effortlessly adjust themselves if your connected devices sense a shift in temperature, light, or your location.

8-15% of the average Australian household’s electricity budget can be consumed by lighting (or about 6% of its entire energy use)*. By relying less on a light switch and more on the Automated position of a window covering, your electricity bill can be greatly reduced. Automate® motors can determine where your window covering should be positioned based on the solar exposure simply by using a sun sensor and smart sunrise/sunset detection. When not in direct sunlight, Automate® window coverings can be programmed to shift to different positions using our hub and app control via our exclusive dc+b control smartphone app.


At home or away.

Enjoy your time away from home or office without worrying about the window coverings. If you have multiple locations like a home, office, or holiday home, you can always be in charge of your window coverings, privacy and security. Our exclusive control app allows you to remotely access your window coverings, know their position, and operate them as if you were there.

We have motorised window covering options that operate through home Automation systems as well as those that can be integrated into third party building management systems – control your blinds, lighting, heating and cooling all within the one control. Life made simple.

Automation is the way of the future and our exclusive innovative systems now make it more affordable than ever before.

For a step-by-step guide on choosing what Automation product suits your lifestyle, download the Automation Brochure, call for assistance or visit your nearest store.

Morning + evening.

Automatically raise or lower your Automate® window coverings according to the position of the sun with our Pulse Hub. Set a ‘Morning’ option and watch all your shades promptly rise when you start your day or an ‘Evening’ option will dynamically alter the coverings based on the sunset in your location.

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Commercial Installations.

It can be difficult to manage window coverings in commercial buildings. The volume of windows often present in large structures can be easily and quickly managed effectively with our Automate® range and the Pulse Hub. Commercial buildings and businesses can benefit in many ways from a centralised point of control for managing natural light and heat.

Additionally, schedules and triggers can move shades throughout the day based on the position of the sun, creating the perfect interior climate for customers and employees while significantly reducing the time, effort and energy needed to provide a comfortable space.

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