Design options.

Outdoor Shutters


Frames form part of the Fixed and Hinged Shutter designs. Available as a U channel, L frame or Z frame, they are designed to fit the style and size of your space or window and are recess fitted. The Shutter panels are then mounted inside the frame for a beautiful, professional finish.

Plantation Shutters


63mm wide

Suitable for most window sizes or open spaces, including French doors.


90mm wide

The most popular size which offers a more contemporary look and optimises the amount of light.


114mm wide

Perfect choice for large or very tall windows or spaces.

Outdoor Shutters


Astragal Stile

This stile closes the gap between the panels to eliminate gaps of light. Suitable for hinged Shutters.


Butt stile

The panels meet together without any additional moulding. Suitable for fixed, bifold and sliding Shutters.




Keeping to a select colour palette, you can choose from the most popular colours available – white, silver and black with hinges to match.

Outdoor Shutters

Outdoor Shutters


Shapes + controls.

Triangle Plantation Shutters


Losing sleep over an odd shape window and what to do with it? Contrary to what you may think, Shutters can handle it. If you have irregular shaped windows or doors, we can manufacture to fit any size and various shapes.

Plantation Shutters


A tilt rod is a vertical rod used to rotate the blades. The Clearview style conceals the tilt rod at the back of the panel ensuring uninterrupted views through the open blades. Perfect for a modern look. Don’t forget we can design your shutters with locking systems for increased security.


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