At home with Janelle Dedini.

We’re At Home with the founder of Cake Ink, Janelle Dedini. Cake anyone?

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Janelle Dedini
Photography Sotiria McDonald
Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains

We speak with Janelle Dedini, all round creative and founder of Cake Ink in her Melbourne based studio. Janelle’s hand-crafted designs have been featured in numerous magazines such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Cosmopolitan Bride and Hello May.


Three words that best describe you?

Creative, organised, adventurous.


What’s your ideal day?

Starting off with a large coffee then heading out for a day trip along the coast with my family.


What’s your favourite colour?

Dusty rose.


Do you live in a house or apartment?



What’s your favourite room and why? 

My daughter Ivy’s bedroom as it has such a soft and dreamy colour palette; a space I would have loved as a little girl.


What are the 3 most important things that make your home feel like a home?

Treasured mementos, photographs, and of course, the people in it.

What was your biggest splurge when designing your home?

Our custom cake studio as we had to fully convert a section of the house.


What is your most cherished possession?

Handmade gifts from my children.


What lesson(s) did you learn when you designed your home?

To not be afraid to splurge on a select few items that are high on your priority list.


What’s on your interiors wish list right now?

Some beautiful Plantation Shutters for our bathrooms.


What’s your interior style? Minimalist, over the top or somewhere in between? Colourful or neutral?

I gravitate towards a coastal, contemporary look with a soft, neutral palette.

“The Sheer Curtains created a beautiful and soft effect by filtering and dispersing natural light throughout every room. It evokes a warm and inviting space for our family to enjoy.”

— Janelle

When it comes to designing a home, what does your design process look like?

Engaging a quality builder that will work with your design requirements and budget is key. I find it beneficial to gather building samples and colour swatches to ensure all my selections work together.


What are your top 3 design/style tips for building or renovating a house?

  1. 1. Know your budget and prioritise your must-haves.

2. If budget allows, use 3D imaging software to help conceptualise your floorplan and finishes.

3. Create mood boards to bring together your vision.


You’re given a limited renovation budget; how would you spend it wisely to transform a home?

Prioritise key elements in your budget (whether it’s a fixture, fitting or piece of furniture) and make them the hero.


What’s the biggest interior design mistake you’ve ever made?

Trying to incorporate too many interior styles in the one space.


What qualities do you look for when choosing materials, furniture and accessories in your designs?

Ethical manufacturing, durability, a quality finish, and attention to detail.


Are you a Curtains, Blinds or Shutters person?

I can’t go past the beautiful, dappled light achieved through Sheer Curtains.


What products did you choose from dollar curtains + blinds?

Sheer Curtains and Blockout Curtains.


How did our products transform your home?

The Sheer Curtains created a beautiful and soft effect by filtering and dispersing natural light throughout every room. It evokes a warm and inviting space for our family to enjoy.


Some people find it difficult to decide what to do with their windows. Any tips?

It is important to decide how you want your window furnishings to function. For example, do you require Curtains for privacy or for maximising daylight, or something in between? Window coverings also play a vital role in the overall aesthetics of a space. Floor to ceiling Curtains can enhance a room by making it appear more spacious whilst creating a luxurious feel.


How do you find inspiration?

Through online look books, local designers, shop fit outs, creating flat lays and by saving Instagram galleries.


What design project(s) are you working on at the moment?

Our new house build and adjoining cake studio – with dollar curtains + blinds window furnishings of course!

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