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Explore the forefront of the latest interior design trends with our valued design partner, Basford Brands, as we uncover the inspiration shaping the landscape of living spaces.

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As one of our valued design partners, Basford Brands brings a legacy of innovation and quality to the table, epitomising the very essence of performance and craftsmanship. With brands like Maurice Kain, Sekers, Filigree, Laura Ashley, and Four Families – Basford Brands spearheads the delivery of on-trend furnishing Curtain fabrics to the market, setting the standard for elegance and innovation in the industry.

Their latest trend forecast takes us to the core of innovation, where we unravel the threads of inspiration that define the landscape of interior design in 2024. In a world marketed by rapid change and evolving tastes, our pursuit of harmony and beauty within our living spaces gains newfound significance.

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Bedroom with Wave Fold Sheer Curtains and Block Out Roller Blind behind

Idyl Wilde – modern farmhouse, rustic, contemporary.


In the landscape of design, ‘Idyl Wilde’ emerges as a captivating blend of rustic simplicity and contemporary flair, offering a fresh interpretation of modern farmhouse aesthetics. Inspired by the serenity of rural life, this style perfectly combines rustic warmth with clean lines, presenting a potential evolution of the timeless Hamptons look into a lasting design trend.


A palette of neutral tones with hints of muted colours establishes a serene, yet welcoming ambience within spaces adorned with the Idyl Wilde style. This aesthetic embraces patterns, vintage textiles, and layered textures, resulting in interiors that exude a sense of lived in sophisticated and effortless chic.

The colour palette for this style features muted tones with earthy influences, including warm mochas and pistachio greens paired with honey and eucalyptus greys. Accents of warming burgundy alongside chalked brown-black and soft warmed greys add depth and character.


Shapes and textures play a vital role in defining the character of Idyl Wilde. Romantic and soft elements coexist with touches of enchanting whimsy, creating a harmonious juxtaposition of delicate contracts against muted hues and solid, grounding furnishings.

How to get the Idyl Wilde look.

Roman Blinds.

  • Crafted from high quality, luxurious designer fabrics including Basford Brands, our Roman Blinds can embody the idyllic warmth of rural life with a contemporary twist.
  • Our extensive collection of contemporary and traditional fabrics includes earthy influenced tones to align with the muted colour palette of the Idyl Wilde style.
  • Each Roman Blind fabric is carefully selected to evoke a sense of rustic warmth while maintaining clean lines, reflecting the essence of modern farmhouse décor.
  • Customise your Roman Blinds with finishes that enhance the charm of your space, whether it’s a plain finish for a streamlined look or soft scarf finishes and trims like braids or fringes for a touch of whimsy.

Sheer Curtains.

  • Embrace the Idyl Wilde style with Sheer Curtains in soft, muted colours that allow natural light to filter through while adding a touch of romance to your space.
  • Consider our Sheer Curtain fabrics with subtle textures that complement the rustic warmth of your home.
  • Available in many styles, our Sheer Curtains delicately float across your windows, giving a soft and sophisticated look, diffusing light, and retaining your view.
  • Sheer Curtains add movement and texture, perfect for softening the transition between indoor and outdoor living areas.




  • Complete your windows with our custom-made Pelmets, adding a touch of rustic charm to your Idyl Wilde inspired space.
  • Designed to hide any operational components and to further block out light, our Pelmets contribute to the serene and inviting atmosphere of your home.
  • Choose from an extensive range of fabrics and trims, including vintage inspired textiles and earthy hues, to perfectly complement your Curtains or Blinds.
  • The streamlined look of our Pelmets combined with their insulation benefits, reflects the clean lines and rustic characteristic of the Idyl Wilde style.

Gimme Shelter – bold, glamour, nostalgia.


In the world of interiors, the ‘Gimmie Shelter’ trend unfolds as a captivating fusion of 1970’s and 1930’s influence, creating spaces imbued with warmth and nostalgia. This unique amalgamation blends the bold colours, geometric patterns, and organic textures reminiscent of the 70’s with the refined glamour, curved lines, and luxurious materials characteristic of the 30’s.


By weaving together elements from these two distinctive eras, Gimmie Shelter infuses spaces with a sense of familiarity while also introducing a contemporary twist. This fusion produces furnishings that not only evokes nostalgia but also resonates with modern sensibilities.

The colour palette for this trend features rich tones such as caramel and brown, complemented by acid-based yellows, charred blacks, and warm dusty pinks. Accents of oranges and seaweed green add depth and vibrancy to the palette.


Shapes and textures play a pivotal role in defining the visual identity of spaces aligned with the Gimmie Shelter trend, Curved, bold shapes adorned with intricate patterns evoke a sense of vintage charm. The resurgence of stripes, both structured and abstract, along with wave patterns, adds further depth and dimension to décor embracing this trend.

How to get the Gimme Shelter look.


  • With more than 500 fabrics from leading designer brands like Maurice Kain, Sekers, Filigree, Laura Ashley, and Four Families, our Curtains offer a versatile canvas to bring the desired fusion of eras into your space. Select from bold colours, geometric patterns, and luxurious textures reminiscent of both the 70’s and 30’s.
  • Incorporate banding or trims across the top, bottom, or sides of your Curtains to add a decorative touch that echoes the eclectic charm and refined glamour of both eras.
  • Consider our Double Curtains, pairing combining a Blockout Curtain and Sheer Curtain on the one window for a well-designed and practical finish, as well as creating an intriguing play of light and texture, capturing the organic yet sophisticated vibe of the era fusion.



Bonded Roller Blinds.

  • Our Bonded Roller Blinds offer a modern interpretation of window treatments, combining uncoated Curtain fabric with a Blockout Roller Blind. Choose from a variety of prints to coordinate with the Gimme Shelter style.
  • Enjoy the practical benefits of a Blockout Roller Blind while adding a touch of retro charm to your windows.

Rustic Reverence – organic, grounding, warm.


Within the dynamic realm of window coverings, authenticity and connection reign supreme. The trend toward natural aesthetics, rich textures, and organic shapes continues to provide a tranquil haven within interior design.


The colour palette echoes a soothing foundation with neutral tones, browns, muted greens, blues, and greys, complemented by accents of caramel, honey hues, and delicate hints of pink.

Embracing abundant textures imbues spaces with dept and warmth, encouraging tactile exploration and nurturing a sense of comfort and grounding. The emergence of the ‘modern rustic farmhouse’ aesthetic signals a compelling shift, potentially challenging the longstanding dominance of the Hamptons style in recent years.

How to get the Rustic Reverence look.

Cellular Blinds.


  • Our Cellular Blinds, also known as Honeycomb Blinds, are an ideal choice for a Rustic Reverence styled home. Their innovative honeycomb structure provides energy efficiency by trapping air, offering insulation and temperature control.
  • The natural and eco-conscious design of Cellular Blinds aligns perfectly with the ethos of authentic and connection with nature.
  • Enjoy the ultimate in light and privacy control with our Cellular Blinds, while their slimline hardware minimises light gaps and maximises views, creating a serene and harmonious ambience in your space.


Venetian Blinds.

  • Our Venetian Blinds offer a timeless and functional window treatment option for your rustic reverence styled home. Made from natural timber or sleek aluminium blades, they provide excellent privacy, light control, and ventilation.
  • The classic design of Venetian Blinds enhances the rustic charm of your space, adding a touch of traditional elegance while complementing the natural textures and organic forms present in your décor.
  • Choose from a range of earthy tones and finishes that connect to the calming palette of your home.



Layering Sheer Curtains + Roller Blinds.


  • Embrace the trend of layering window treatments to create depth and warmth in your Rustic Reverence styled home. Pairing Sheer Curtains with Roller Blinds offers a versatile combination, allowing for diffused light and privacy control.
  • The soft look of Sheer Curtains complements the natural and organic aesthetic of the space, inviting in gentle light and connection with the outdoors.
  • Roller Blinds provide additional functionality, allowing for precise control over light levels and privacy. Choose textures and colours that harmonise with the rustic charm of your home.




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