Get that Linen look.

What you need to know to get that organic + earthy look. 

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Double Wave Fold Curtains on a corner window

Without doubt Linen Curtains are one of the biggest trends for window furnishings this year. Linen and “linen look” fabrics continue to rise in popularity as people try and achieve a natural and earthy look, but there is more to getting the linen look than just deciding on the colour and texture.


So where to begin if you are trying to achieve this style, should you choose linen or “linen look” fabric? Before making a choice, we need to take a closer look at the fabrics themselves and the things to be mindful of.

Natural Linen Fabrics.

While linen fabric is loved for its relaxed beauty, casual sophistication and organic texture there are some factors that you should consider before deciding if this is the right choice for you and your home.

  • Linen fabrics crease easily.
  • Linen is prone to fading in sunlight and over time can become patchy in appearance.
  • Linen is prone to shrinkage particularly in damp areas like bathrooms and coastal areas.

These issues and the unpredictable nature of the fabric have led to more and more linen look alternatives being created which can be used to achieve the same gorgeous look but without the downsides that natural linen has.

Linen Sheers

Linen Curtains


Linen look fabrics.

Made from polyester or linen/polyester blends, these fabrics emulate the same organic style as natural linen without the drawbacks.

  • Will maintain their colour and shape over time.
  • Won’t shrink and are less prone to creasing.
  • Easier to clean and generally have good washability.

Over the last few years dc+b has carefully curated a beautiful collection perfect for Australian conditions and Australian homes. With Blockout and Sheer options the range of linen look fabrics all have various earthy textures and come in a variety of gorgeous neutral tones.

The dc+b designs Banksia is a blend of polyester and linen designed to look like a pure linen but is stabilised by its polyester content which creates a beautiful textured Sheer Curtain.


If looking for something heavier our Eden + Beechworth ranges are perfect for a linen look Blockout Curtain that will create a rich and organic look. With Australia’s largest range of Curtain fabrics to choose from dollar curtains + blinds stock a wide range of linen and linen look fabrics perfect for your home.

“Every fabric has different qualities, which can affect durability, how easy they are to clean, and other pros and cons.”

— Interior Consultant

Linen Curtains


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