Design features.

Awning Lock

Hidden z-LOCK™ Technology

Breakthrough z-LOCK™ technology provides a unique fabric guide, fastening and securing the welded zip and fabric concealed within the side channels; creating a strong, smooth and streamlined system.


The hidden z-LOCK™ function ensures no gap between the fabric screen and side channels and a secure guided movement that won’t blow out in the wind. A total seal provided by Zipscreen’s z-LOCK™ technology and bottom sealing strip aids in creating a relaxing insect free environment.

Zipscreen Awning Locking System

One Action Ultra-lock + Tension

Invisibly integrated, Ultra-lock’s patented technology seamlessly reinforces your Zipscreen, for reduced movement and an ultra-smooth fabric finish.


Our Ultra-lock perfectly secures your Zipscreen automatically, without an external lock or latch, and utilises an in-built, self-correcting system to ensure your screen evenly clicks in place. Ultra-durable. Ultra-reliable. Ultra-Lock.

Zipscreen Awnings

Easy to use Latch-Lock

Latch-Lock utilises a spring pin system. When the awning is pulled down it will automatically clip into the latch and lock off. To unlock the awning, each pin can be released and the awning can be raised up.


Design options.

Zipscreen Awning box

Open Headbox

Increases air circulation around the roller which minimises heat build-up. Headbox colours have been designed to match the most popular COLORBOND® colours.

Awning Headbox

Closed Headbox

Encloses the fabric which enhances longevity by keeping the fabric clean and protected from rain, UV and dirt. Headbox colours have been designed to match the most popular COLORBOND® colours.



Fabric is an essential part of choosing Awnings. Each fabric has its own unique characteristics and performance levels so it’s important to choose the best fabric for your lifestyle. We offer an extensive collection of contemporary and traditional outdoor Awning fabrics for your home or outdoor area.

Control options.

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