Automating your Window Coverings has never been easier.

Auto pilot. Love pushing buttons or the sound of your own voice? Automate your window coverings and never get off the sofa again.

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Gina Ciancio – Style Curator
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Automating your home is a modern-day luxury. Motorised window coverings offer convenience by allowing you to open and close window coverings with the touch of a button or voice command.


Motorisation also provides a more seamless look, by doing away with unsightly cords and chains – also making them safer for households with young children and pets.

dollar curtains + blinds has the total range of motorised products available. So whether you can run wiring to your windows or need to use an alternative solution, like a battery motor, watch to find out more about what solution might be right for your home. 


The main factors to think about are control and motor options, as well as what products to choose from.

Pulse Hub.

The first control option is Pulse Hub. This integrated system allows you to control all of your window coverings – inside and out – using either voice control, smart home integration or the exclusive dollar curtains + blinds control smart phone or tablet app.


Pulse Hub connects to your home’s networks, using Wi-Fi or LAN, and is the system that can do it all.


One of the best features is the ability to set up scenes and timers so you can take advantage of your home’s orientation, and programme your window coverings to open and close at certain times. This allows you to harness passive solar gains and create a more energy efficient, sustainable home.

Through the app, you can control your window coverings while you’re away – helping to protect your possessions and improve security. The app is also packed with features including the ability to group room settings or pause timers.


And that voice control I mentioned works with a wide range of smart devices, like Apple HomeKit /Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. dollar curtains + blinds has partnered with all of the latest smart home assistants to deliver the most convenient window covering control options.

“When it comes to what window covering products can be motorised – you can Automate Roller, Roman and Cellular Blinds, Sheer and Blockout Curtains, Tracks and outdoor window coverings like Alfresco and Window Awnings.”

— Gina Ciancio – Style Curator


Another type of control system is remote. These contemporary and sleek remotes have an LCD display and magnetic mount, to discretely blend into your interior.


dollar curtains + blinds supply a remote for all of their Automated window coverings. Their team of experienced installers will set up and programme the remotes for you.


Even if you decide to set up Pulse Hub and mainly control your window coverings using voice control or the app, the remotes are a convenient back up control.


Motor Options.

Now for motor options. You can choose between battery operated wire-free or hard-wired motors. For existing households wishing to upgrade to motorised window coverings, ask about dollar curtains + blinds cutting-edge battery-operated window coverings as installed in the Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds shown. The batteries in these motors only need to be recharged once or twice a year, and solar panel chargers are also available for Roller Blinds.

Then we have the market leading design of wired motors. These suit medium to large windows and the motors in the window coverings are connected to power, so there is no need to re-charge. Once your order has been placed, the team provide you with cables and an instruction sheet for your preferred Electrician who will install these into the wall. When it’s time to install your window coverings, our installer will connect to this outlet.


If you’re building or renovating then dollar curtains + blinds can provide you with expert design advice on what motor options are best suited for you, a free quote off your house plans and on-site check measure.


When it comes to what window covering products can be motorised – you can automate Roller, Roman and Cellular Blinds, Sheer and Blockout Curtains, Tracks and outdoor window coverings like Alfresco and Window Awnings.


To make sure you make the right choice for your Automated window coverings, be sure to visit your local dollar curtains + blinds store to view their large range of motorised products, including motor and control options. And don’t miss picking up a copy of their Automation Brochure, or view it on their website today.

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