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Real Stories

The Watson’s.

I love our glass doors, they’re wonderful for light, but the S-track Sheers really work to soften the whole room.

Real Stories


I wanted to elongate the room and add softness. Our Curtains in Driftwood work so well in our sitting room. Just stoke the fire!

Real Stories

The Edlin’s.

The graphic quality and general busyness of our dining room are paired with the quiet simplicity of our white Roller Blind in a muted fabric. It gives the room a sense of privacy and clean lines.

Real Stories

Maggie + Jack.

The Awnings are so easy to use and give us the chance to use the outdoors as a real room.

Real Stories


I wanted to have something wonderful. When I saw the floral fabric range, I knew I wanted a garden print. I love living amongst daisies, magnolias and flannel flowers!

Real Stories

The Shannon’s.

Roller Blinds don’t take up a lot of room visually. It’s uninterrupted views and perfectly frames the room.

Real Stories


The addition of my favourite dollar curtains + blinds Sheer Curtain was a subtle yet easy way to re-imagine my living area, while bolstering the existing luxury feel of a high-end build.

Real Stories


We wanted to soften the salon, add a sense of calm, and these Pearl Sheers on S-tracks do this so well. People come to The Native Co for some downtime and serenity. We needed our Curtains – visible to all from the outside and in – to reflect this.

Real Stories

Kirsten + her Mother, Jenny.

Light control for a busy family is important. Lighter and brighter was our aim, so we have done plantation shutters on all windows throughout the house.

Real Stories

The Cox’s.

These Blinds certainly make life easy. We run off solar so being battery operated, we are charging batteries during the day.

Real Stories


It was so wonderful to be able to have exactly what we wanted, made just for us.

Real Stories


My living room is literally on clouds! Wave Fold Drapes in Cloud make our living room heavenly.

Real Stories


My Curtains and Shutters from dollar curtains + blinds have literally changed my life! I had a very big health scare and decided that I wanted to live in beautiful surroundings.

Real Stories

Linda + Anne, Sisters.

We grew up with Curtains in our bedrooms from dollar curtains + blinds. Now we have their Curtains, Blinds and Shutters in our own homes.

Real Stories


I love my dollar curtains + blinds products. From the clean lines of my Shutters to the luxe feel of my fabric Drapes, dollar curtains + blinds has the perfect product for any setting and my home feels so much richer with them in it.

Real Stories

The Hewitt’s.

The Curtains frame our view of the carp pond. Our big windows are framed with ruched Roller Blinds, and 25 years on I still love them.

Image of Ali with her dogs. Meet Winnie + Brian. Real Stories


Our Curtains and Blinds have made everything really cohesive and are a beautiful way to frame our views.

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