Choosing the right Curtain fit.

Minimum effort, maximum fit. Tips to getting the right height, width + length Curtains.

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It’s often the smallest details that make the biggest impact when decorating so in this article, we’re covering everything you need to know to get the right Curtain fit.

A Curtain that’s too short or hung too low stands out for all the wrong reasons. Create a designer look with the right Curtain height, width and length.

Curtain height.

Depending on the style of Curtain you choose, it may need to be hung from a rod (such as an Eyelet Curtain) or track (such as a Wave Fold Curtain) or can be hung on either a rod or track (such as any of the Pinch Pleat Curtains). 


It’s important to know what style of Curtain you would like, or at least whether you will be using a Curtain track or rod, as this will affect the right Curtain height for your space. 

Curtain Rods.

If you decide to use Curtain rods, these are usually hung on the wall above the window. However rather than mounting these directly onto the window frame or just above, it’s best to raise the rod higher if space allows. By lifting the Curtain rod up, it achieves a dramatic visual difference – accentuating your window and the view beyond. It also creates a more luxurious overall feel.


Rod height and spacing can be hard to get right as there are no fixed rules. This is why seeking a design expert is vital to make the most out of your investment. 


The right Curtain rod height will depend on your space, such as:

  • any obstructions (for example, exposed beams)
  • your ceiling height, and 
  • the overall style you want to achieve. 


If your room has windows that almost reach the ceiling, it may be best to centre the Curtain rod in the available wall space or hang the rod from the ceiling. Our team of experts can advise you on all of your options and help determine the best custom window treatment for your space. 

Curtain tracks.

In Australian homes, it’s becoming increasingly popular to mount Curtains on tracks. These tracks can be hung from the ceiling (top fit) or wall (face fit). The benefit of tracks is that they are discrete and allow your Curtain fabrics to be the focus.


The golden rule for what height to hang Curtain tracks is go as high as you can go!


If you can mount the track onto your ceiling, this will create the illusion of a larger space. It also accentuates that the Curtains have been custom made and are a well-considered part of your design – instantly adding sophistication.


However, in rooms with cornices or other obstructions that may prevent a Curtain track being designed on the ceiling, you will need to mount the Curtain track from the wall. The same rule of ‘go as high as you can go’ is often still preferred.  

If you are about to build new or do a major renovation, you may also consider recessing the Curtain track into the ceiling. This will hide all of the Curtain hardware and create an interior designer finish. Take advantage of our free service to quote window coverings off floor plans so you can consider this important design element early.

Curtain Tracks

Wave Fold Sheer Curtains



“A Curtain that’s too short or hung too low stands out for all the wrong reasons. Create a designer look with the right Curtain height, width and length.”


Curtain width.

Just as it looks best to hang your Curtains high – so too does it look best to design them wide.


If your space allows, consider running your Curtains from wall to wall. This will again create that perfect fit look – creating the sense of a larger space and providing increased thermal benefits. 


Wall-to-wall Curtains look divine for both Curtains hung from a rod or track. They suit modern homes as much as traditional homes – it all depends on the style of Curtain and finishing details you select.


In instances where it wouldn’t make sense to run your Curtains from wall to wall, such as in a room where you only have a small window on a large wall, it’s still better to add extra width to your Curtain. By adding at least 2-3 Curtain folds of width on either side of the window it will prevent light from peeping through the sides. It will also enhance the look of your Curtains and overall space. 

Curtain stack.

On the topic of Curtain width, another important design element that we take into account is Curtain stack. This refers to the amount of space your Curtains occupy when they are fully drawn open. 


You can either design your Curtains to have a centre opening (where the Curtains would have an equal Curtain stack on both sides) or with a one-way opening (where the Curtains would stack to the left or right).


Adding extra width to your Curtains will allow you to push the Curtain stack beyond the window or door so your views are uninterrupted.  


Take a cue from the type of window or door to determine the most functional stacking option. If the Curtains are being hung in front of a sliding door, it would make sense to have a 

one-way opening where the Curtains would open in the same direction as the door. However, if you wanted to place Curtains in front of French doors where two doors open outwards, a centre opening with the Curtains stacked on either side would be more practical. 

Curtain length.

The final step to choosing the right Curtain fit is deciding on the length. Do you want it to float, kiss or puddle on the floor?


A Curtain that floats sits just above the floor to achieve a soft and tailored drape. It’s an ideal length if you have pets in the home as it’s easy to keep clean. We also recommend this length in high traffic areas. 


A kiss Curtain length is when the fabric finishes up to 2cm on the floor. It’s a modern take on the puddle and one of our most popular lengths in bedrooms where clients want to achieve a modern and luxurious look.


Curtains that puddle on the floor finish 10cm+ on the floor, creating a sense of drama and opulence. This Curtain length isn’t recommended for coated fabrics or high traffic areas, but it can look fabulous in formal rooms. 


We hope this guide to choosing the right Curtain fit answers your main questions. If you have any more, please don’t hesitate to visit your nearest dollar curtains + blinds store where a member of our friendly team can assist you!

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