Trends in Sheers.

We take a closer look with James Dunlop into the current trends in Sheers Curtain fabrics.

Words by
dc+b editor + James Dunlop
Photography James Dunlop

Sheer Curtains disperse the soft glow of sunlight into a space either through a fine, almost translucent construction, or a loose construction with open fibres. While linen and linen-look Sheers are an eternal favourite, we are seeing a growing desire for soft, optimistic colours at the window, extra wide widths in architectural builds, and luxuriously rustic, textured Sheers.


At dc+b we carry a wide variety of Sheer fabrics in natural, synthetic or blended constructions, allowing you to tailor your interior décor to your lifestyle. Learn about the evolution of Sheer Curtains and how to incorporate them into your scheme in our previous article: Delicate, light, translucent Sheers.


Visual optimism.

At a time of continued uncertainty worldwide, the desire to fill our interiors with optimistic colours remains strong. Bright yellows are making their way into our homes not only in rich velvets, but also through a softer, whimsical approach in Sheers.


Darker Sheers filter the light but give the illusion of disappearing at the window, thus appearing less obvious than a light colourway. Greens, from Green Tea to Moss, can bring the calm of nature into the space.


Wide widths.

Wide width Sheers are ideal in coastal or architectural homes with panoramic vistas. Sheers have evolved to be hung continuously at over 300cm wide to compliment increased ceiling heights and expansive windows in homes where seams interrupt the ambiance.

Linen + Linen look.

Linen and linen-look Sheers bring a sense of causal luxury to a space because of the relaxed fibres. Linen Sheers are always popular as their organic, open weave aesthetic produces an elegant look with a delicate handle. However, expectations need to be agile when working with a natural fibre as there is a greater discrepancy in the fabric, and they are less hard wearing. It is crucial to be aware when using linen Sheers for sun filtering purposes that they will fade and break down over time due to the amount of light they are receiving, and the natural decomposition of organic matter.


The beauty of a polyester or polyester blend product is the ability to harness the look of a linen Sheer while also ensuring stability in the fibre and decreasing the speed of fading, as they are durable and colourfast. Linen-look Sheers are a cost-effective alternative which looks equally as beautiful and is easier to care for in the long term, because the fibres have greater resistance to UV degradation.



We have our rose-tinted glasses on, and we are felling nostalgic for the colours and textures of the 1970s! Textured Sheers are the perfect accompaniment to our cinnamon brown and martini green colour palette.

Slow-crafted, open weave textiles align with people creating their own homewares and ceramics, as such we’re moving away from fine Sheers into something with more oomph – an organic feeling. Whether you prefer open constructions in polyester or natural linen they will create depth and interest in contemporary or rustic schemes.

“Whether you prefer open constructions in polyester or natural linen they will create depth and interest in contemporary or rustic schemes”

— James Dunlop
Floor to ceiling wave fold sheer curtains in master bedroom



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