“Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome.”

— Amelia Barr. Novelist + Teacher.

“We appreciate the ongoing support of dollar curtains + blinds, and all the great work we have been able to do as a result of our partnership. Since our partnership began in 2021, their commitments have helped us to reforest key regions of Southwest Western Australia for ecological and habitat restoration.”

— Ashley Lamontagne, Forest Campaign Manager

“Sometimes life does not go to plan through a change in circumstance or if a disaster strikes. The impact of this can affect people, those they care about and results in homes that are left in a state of ruin or disrepair, or they can be unsafe or a health hazard. ”

— Rocco Falcomat – Founder + Director. Building Angels.

“Our on-going projects with dollar curtains + blinds have been very successful in many countries for Rotary. The Curtain materials have been valuable for the making of many material products such as clothing or all-weather window cover protection. ”

— Tim Hewitt – Rotarian. Rotary Club of Lilydale.