Roman Blind Product types.

Roman Blinds

Soft Roman Blinds

‘Soft’ Roman Blinds combine the simplicity of Blinds with the warmth and versatility of soft furnishing fabrics. Create a complete interior look by co-ordinating the fabrics in your Roman Blinds with those in your Curtains, Bonded Blinds, Pelmets, and Cushions. Our Soft Roman Blinds are constructed with high quality lining which keeps the front Curtain fabric stable, ensures no shrinkage or distortion, and provides increased insulation and light control.

roman blinds with sheer curtains

Hard Roman Blinds

‘Hard’ Roman Blinds have battens which create crisp clean lines with subtle folds that blend seamlessly with traditional interiors or soften a contemporary one. Australian made, the latest automated technology and precision machinery ensure symmetric and evenly spaced panelling. Choose from a range of styles and Blind fabrics, including block out, sunscreen and translucent.


Hard Roman Blind styles.

Roman Blinds

Barbados Roman Blind

– Powder coated aluminium battens secured to the rear to create a clean + structured look
– Choose from white, off-white or black batten colour
– The stack height of the folded panels when completely
raised is approx. 240-270mm / 24-27cm

Roman Blinds

Le Meridian Roman Blind

– Powder coated aluminium battens are secured to the rear with wider spacing of each panel
– Perfect for extra tall windows
– Choose from white, off-white or black batten colour
– The stack height of the folded panels when completely raised is approx. 340-370mm / 34-37cm


Design options for Roman Blinds.

Roman Blinds

Windows can be so different from one another and sometimes a simple solution is required for a complex issue. That’s where we come in. You probably don’t know that there are a few options on how to install a Roman Blind and that it’s fairly important to get it right – do you fit it to the architrave or do you recess it?

Soft Roman on a narrow window

Why try and understand all the technical and design information shown online? We can save you time, determine the best possible solution and have it made and installed before you know it. Our tailor made solution considers how the Blind should look in your space as well as height, width, and if any obstructions such as door handles need special attention. Our Interior Consultants have all the expert knowledge you need.


Fabrics for Roman Blinds.

Fabric is an essential part of choosing Roman Blinds. Each fabric has its own unique characteristics and performance levels so it’s important to choose the best fabric for your lifestyle. We offer an extensive collection of contemporary and traditional Blind and Curtain fabrics for light, warmth and privacy within your home, office or commercial space.

Roman Blind Finishes.

Ensure the bottom of your Roman Blinds have the right finish to complete your design scheme. For a contemporary and streamlined look choose a plain finish. If you prefer a more decorative style, add a soft scarf finish or a trim such as a braid or fringe. Or maybe you’re more a classic kind of person and would prefer the Georgian scallop finish.

View the options in the Roman Blinds Brochure or visit your nearest store to see all the finishes in real life displays.

Roman Blind Finishes

Control options.

Roman Blind

Cord operated

  • Ideal for small Blinds
  • Basic lifting system
  • Quick to lift
  • Cleat to tie cord neatly in place
  • Cords are finished with acorns in choice of white, brass or chrome


Heavy duty cord lock

  • Heavy duty cord lock design which assists to stop Blind exactly where required
  • Affordable + easy to us
Roman Blind Chain

Chain operated

  • Suitable for small + large Blinds
  • Child + pet safe
  • Cutting-edge patent design
  • Smooth, effortless + quiet operation
  • Increased load capacity
  • Durable stainless-steel chains at the same price as plastic to ensure no rust over time
  • Slower lifting system compared to cord operated or motorised

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