At home with Amelia Webb.

We’re At Home with Amelia Webb, make up artist extraordinaire.

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Amelia Webb
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S Fold Sheer Curtains

“It created such a softness to the space. It’s completely changed our living area. I absolutely love the area even more now. ”

— Amelia on her Sheer Curtains

We chat to Amelia Webb, renowned Make-up Artist and mother.


We sit down with Amelia to find out more about where she get’s her interior inspiration from and her love for fashion and motherhood.

Three words that best describe you?

Loyal, Caring and Humble


What’s your ideal day?

  1. Sleep in! If that is even possible with a 2 year old! Haha! No, I love getting up to his smiling face every morning, hanging out with him if he isn’t at daycare but if he is, that’s when I get my work done. I am so lucky to have my social media job. I absolutely love every single brand I work with and feel honoured to create the content I do each day. It’s so fun, so I think I am very lucky to have this kind of job. On the weekends that’s when I get creative with my makeup. Predominantly I do wedding makeup, so my weekends are taken up by lots of beautiful brides and their wedding parties.

What’s your favourite colour?

  1. Light pink.


What is your most cherished possession?

  1. My Son Aston, He isn’t a possession as such but he is my most cherished accomplishment to date.

What’s on your interiors wish list right now?

  1. New dining room table & coffee table. The ones I currently have at the moment I feel don’t go as well as I would like in the space.


What’s your interior style?

  1. Very Minimal, neutral colours.

Do you live in a house or apartment?

  1. House.


What’s your favourite room and why?

  1. Lounge area, it’s where I feel the most relaxed.


What are the 3 most important things that make your home feel like a home?

  1. Flowers, candles and a comfy couch.




S Fold Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

S Fold Sheer Curtains

Melbourne Interiors


What was your biggest splurge when designing your home?

  1. I had my eye on a White Boucle Arm Chair for a long time and although it wasn’t practical for a toddler, I just went for it and I absolutely love it.


What lesson(s) did you learn when you designed your home?

  1. I’ve tried to keep things simple and not too fussy because of my toddler.


When it comes to designing a home, what does your design process look like?

  1. I find it’s a little bit of trial and error, moving things around and finding out what other pieces I can add to the space.


  1. What are your top 3 design/style tips for building or renovating a house?
    1. I haven’t ever renovated or built a home but when I do it will be space and natural light.

  1. You’re given a limited renovation budget; how would you spend it wisely to transform a home?
  1. I have never done a renovation but when we do, I would spend my money on the bathroom, kitchen and living areas.


What’s the biggest interior design mistake you’ve ever made?

  1. Buying furniture in a rush and realising that it doesn’t really suit the space, colour scheme well. I tend to buy things quickly, when I really need to give myself some time to think about it and how it will suit the space.


What qualities do you look for when choosing materials, furniture and accessories in your designs?

  1. TODDLER PROOF and long lasting. I try and buy things my son won’t completely ruin but still looks stylish, inviting and cozy for guests.


Are you a curtains, blinds or shutters person?

  1. All of the above, it completely changes the home. My previous home had shutters and I was completely in love with them. This home has curtains and I am completely in love with them.


What products did you choose from dc+b?

  1. Wavefold Sheer Curtains in the colour Parchment.


How did our products transform your home?

It created such a softness to the space. It’s completely changed our living area. I absolutely love the area even more now.


Some people find it difficult to decide what to do with their windows. Any tips?

  1. Highly Highly recommend sheers to soften any space.


How do you find inspiration? (dc+b magazine, website, socials, in-store).

  1. I loved dc+b social media, I found my inspiration through them.


What design project(s) are you working on at the moment?

  1. None at the moment but hopefully in the future we will be designing our forever home.

“I loved dc+b social media, I found my inspiration through them. ”

— Amelia

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