Behind the Build with
Beccy Cloke.

We chat with Beccy Cloke about her captivating home renovation journey in the Yarra valley, as she transforms her family’s hobby farm dream into a reality.

Words by
Beccy Cloke
Photography KIT HASELDEN

“The addition of Sheer Curtains + Blockout Roller Blinds instantly infused our home with warmth and cosiness.”

— Beccy Cloke

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live.
  2. We’re living our equestrian and hobby farm dreams in the beautiful Yarra Valley, alongside our two children and many animals. The Yarra Valley’s natural beauty serves as an inspiring backdrop to our family adventures.


  1. What type of home did you build – describe the style/design?

We opted for a modern farmhouse, combining contemporary style with rustic touches. This style encapsulates the best of both worlds, featuring sleek architectural lines and modern amenities while retaining the cosy, welcoming atmosphere of a traditional farmhouse.

What made you want to renovate your home? 

We said we’d never do it again, but the incredible views and strong foundation of this place just pulled us back in.


    1. Tell us about the planning process about choosing your trades and how you went about it.
  1. We chose a builder recommended by my husband’s brother, who happens to be a great guy and a family man. Understanding our need for speed, he collaborated seamlessly with the designer to form an exceptional team. Having both male and female perspectives ensured every detail was addressed and nothing slipped through the cracks.

  1. What did you look for when finding land – location, size etc?
  1. We weren’t actively searching, this place found us. All we wanted were gentle rolling hills with flat areas for the kids to bike around, and paddocks for our animals.


Did you look through any display homes for inspiration?

No we didn’t! Pinterest and Instagram were our go-to.


Going into the renovation, where were you able to save money and which areas of the home did you want to

splurge on?

We did exceed our budget, though nothing was a splurge. Costs leaned toward the higher end due to the property surpassing our expectations.





What were the ‘must-haves’ in your new home?

An open fireplace, two living rooms, as well as an ensuite and walk in robe for every room.


Have you added anything to your home?

We have added horse stables, an arena and a pool.


What lessons did you learn when renovating your own home?

Living in a caravan inside a shed during the winter in the Yarra Valley is definitely not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure!

We also learnt that trying to stick to a low end budget is tricky, and that it’s important to budget for the best but plan for

the worst.

When did you contact us during the process and what benefits did dc+b provide?

I contacted dollar curtains + blinds as soon as our windows were in and plaster was almost finished.


How did you find the design, measure + install service?

Super helpful. I didn’t know what colours to go with, but the team at dollar curtains + blinds provided me with

various options.


Did you originally know what you were after in terms of window coverings or were you seeking our advice?

I knew I wanted Blinds and Sheer Curtains, but

dollar curtains + blinds assisted me with the rest.

What’s your favourite room and why?

The living room and kitchen area. It’s a beautiful open space where we can come together as a family. I envisage having the fire going in there for our first winter in the house and I
can’t wait!


What are the 3 most important things that make your home feel like a home?

Our Sheer Curtains, the fireplace, and our animals.


What is your most cherished possession?

The beautiful painting we got done of our five dogs we had up until recently. Our beautiful Kelpie, Taco, recently crossed the rainbow bridge and the painting is a beautiful reminder of her.


“dollar curtains + blinds bought it all to us - they were so lovely to work with!”

— Beccy Cloke

  1. What are your top 3 design/style tips for renovating a house?
  2. 1. Be on the same page as your partner and builder

2. Explore all options, not just the easiest and quickest one 

3. Keep it simple to start with. You can always add more later on


What qualities do you look for when choosing materials, furniture and accessories in your designs?

I want things to be as natural as possible – to look and feel natural.


Are you a curtains, blinds or shutters person?

Interestingly, Shutters are my favourite, but Sheer Curtains aligned best with our property style. We also installed Blockout Roller Blinds behind our Sheer Curtains for the kids and daylight savings – parents will understand!

What’s on your interiors wish list right now?

More plants, books for the coffee table, throws and crystals. You can never have enough in my opinion!


When it comes to designing a home, what does your design process look like?

Finding the look and then finding the right people to help make your vision come true.


You’re given a limited renovation budget; how would you spend it wisely to transform a home?

Definitely on a new carpet and Sheer Curtains!



Some people find it difficult to decide what to do with their windows. Any tips?

Wait and see what the room requires. Watch where the sun rises and sets, does it get hot? Do you require more privacy?

Live in the rooms first, and get a feel of what’s necessary.


How do you find inspiration?

I found a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. Modern farmhouse designs were trending, which provided a wealth of ideas. Working with the designer, Jane Byrne, was fantastic; she was fully on board with the modern farmhouse concept and offered us exceptional options for every aspect of the project.

“Find your dream look and then find the right people to help make your vision come true.”

— Beccy Cloke

“The design, measure, + installation process was incredibly helpful. The team offered the right amount of colour options, making my decision making process easy.”

— Beccy Cloke

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