Fabric is an essential part of choosing Curtains. Each fabric has its own unique characteristics and performance levels so it’s important to choose the best fabric for your lifestyle. We offer an extensive collection of contemporary and traditional Curtain fabrics for light, warmth and privacy within your home, office or commercial space.



Banding + trims.

For a decorative finish or splash of colour our design team can add banding or trims across the top, bottom or sides of your Curtains. Opt for a complementary fabric for a subtle finish or a contrast fabric for a bolder statement. Pairing sheer and heavier weight fabrics together is also a beautiful way to add texture and visual appeal.


Do you have a room with very high ceilings? Banding is perfect for this. Simply by banding another fabric to the top or bottom of the Curtain, you can achieve the required length for your Curtains without introducing any additional seams. Banding across the top of a Sheer Curtain in a heavier fabric is also a great way to disguise a wall or the top of a blind that may be behind. 

Design options.


It always good to aim for wall to wall if there is wall space available or if not, go as wide as possible. This means when drawn open the stack back covers less of the window therefore maximising your view and natural light.



Where possible go high and wide. Curtains can be installed on the ceiling, known as ceiling fit or fixed to the wall, known as face fit. It’s best to go ceiling to floor or as high as you can go if there is ample wall space. Doing so adds the illusion of height to windows and rooms while also having practical benefits such as blocking out light and increasing insulation.



What length should I choose? It’s very much a personal choice but for light control, privacy and insulation reasons, not to mention aesthetic appeal, we always recommend full length Curtains where possible. We can design to any length but our three standard length options are Float, Kiss and Puddle.



Probably not a term you’re familiar with but it basically means the amount of space the Curtains occupy when in a fully open position.

Our Curtains can be designed to be centre opening with the Curtains stacked on both sides of the window when drawn open or with a one way opening with the Curtains stacking back to either the left or right side of the window when drawn open. Curtains can also hang freely to draw to any position on your Track or Rod. It all comes down to what is the most practical and functional design solution for each window.


Control options.


Our Automation range is the ultimate choice for modern day living and is now more convenient than ever. Maximise luxury, functionality and control with motorised Curtains which glide open and closed and stop exactly where you’d like – all with the touch of a button. 

  • Easy to operate
  • Remote control, voice control, or dc+b control smartphone app 
  • Clean, modern look with no cords
  • Suitable for difficult to reach windows
  • Operate heavy weight Curtains with ease 
  • Operate by hand when necessary
  • Child + pet safe

Cord drawn

  • Easy operation with cords secured in position to walls behind Curtains for child + pet safety
  • Centre open or one way open
  • Ideal for large windows to help with weight of fabric
  • Improves stack back when Curtains are drawn open as tension is increased to maximise windows natural light + views

Hand drawn

  • Child + pet safe
  • Highly adaptable
  • Can enable flexibility for large window configurations
  • Centre open, one way open or free draw open
  • Add wands, available in varying sizes, to easily operate + protect fabric

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