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Choosing the right fabric is key to designing your interior spaces.

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Different window covering fabric colours, textures, weights and transparencies can transform the look of a room and choosing the right fabric to achieve your design vision should not be underestimated.


Curtains are an excellent way to add softness to a room, texture or even to give your interior an instant facelift. But for the uninitiated, it’s hard to visualise how Curtains will look in your space. There’s no denying window treatments are a big investment so it pays to take your time and get it right.

Curtain Material.

It isn’t just the Curtain fabric colour that can change the look of a room – fabric weights, textures and transparencies also play a big role.


At the moment, Sheer fabrics and Linen Curtains are more popular than ever. We’ve got them covered in this article and what you need to be aware of before you buy.


Generally speaking, light-weight fabrics will diffuse light in your space and create a sense of softness. While heavier, blockout fabrics will create a more structured look because of the way the fabric sits and how they control light.


You can also select a material with a texture, such as a visible weave, which adds a tactile quality to your space.
Read this in-depth article on Curtain fabrics to understand more about how materials can change the appearance of your Curtains.


Visit your nearest store.

Like with any large investment, it pays to see fabrics in person before you buy. While images and fabric swatches are useful in the early design stages, they don’t give you a true representation of what a window covering will look like in your home. A colour can appear more intense or muted when you see it in a full-length display as opposed to a small fabric swatch.


Curtains can also sit completely differently to how you imagine based on the Curtain heading you select and type of material – softer Sheers often have a relaxed drape while Pinch Pleat Curtains hold their structure.

“Our store network allows you to see and feel the fabric samples in person, see all colourways and experience at large-scale size what your window coverings will look like. See a Curtain heading style in person and how it hangs from the ceiling to floor. ”

— dc+b Editor

Fabric Colour.

There are strong links between colour and emotion. Colour is a powerful tool that affects how we feel or perceive a space. As window coverings form one of the largest surface areas of a space, the colour you select can dramatically change the look and feel. Use our guide to select the right colour for the mood you want to achieve in your home.



Without a doubt, the most popular Curtain fabric colour at the moment is white – especially in a soft, floaty sheer fabric. White represents purity and innocence, and is a refreshing neutral colour that suits every interior style. There’s also a sense of security in selecting white Curtains as there’s a view that white never goes out of style. Especially suited to coastal, Scandinavian or minimalist style homes, you can see how beautiful white Curtains look in Goa, colour Marshmallow by Zepel.


Off-White + Beige

Off-White and beige tones are light neutrals that complement a wide range of interior styles. With a warmer base, they set a softer and more inviting tone. They’re an excellent choice in traditional style homes, where walls are generally painted in warmer shades of white. This colour is also gaining popularity in modern builds as the earthier trend gains momentum.


Taupe + Brown tones

Dialling up the intensity, window coverings in shades of brown represent security, ‘down to earth’ and feelings of comfort. After the turbulence of recent world events, there’s a shift towards warmer and earthier colours as people seek to create spaces that have a sense of sanctuary.


View Zepel’s Trends Forecast, particularly the ‘Re-birth / Re-thinking’ theme, that heroes brown and taupe tones.


Greys are another popular neutral that can be warm or cool, depending on where they sit on the colour wheel. They can also be soft and almost white, through to an intense charcoal shade. Light grey Curtains have a similar impact as white, keeping your space bright and airy. While dark grey Curtains are a design statement and set a sophisticated tone.



The most common colour in nature, green represents balance and is considered to have a refreshing effect. Create a sense of unwinding and togetherness by embracing green Curtains, available in muted sea foam shades through to intense forest green.



Known as the most calming colour in the spectrum, blue creates a feeling of tranquillity. This popular colour also features heavily in the Hamptons style, so if you want to achieve this design it’s a colour worth considering.



Not for the faint-hearted, purple is the ultimate colour of royalty and instantly sets a luxurious and opulent feel. It’s also said to be associated with spirituality. You don’t have to use an intense shade though, see Zepel’s Goa fabric in shade Plum.



Another colour for the brave, yellow is a cheerful and uplifting colour. From zesty green-yellows through to deeper mustard shades, it’s a sure-fire way to inject a big dose of colour into your home.

“Borrow large full length samples to compare the fabric weights, transparencies and colours in your own home. Compare your favourite fabric choices at large scale with your paint colours, flooring and furnishings. ”

— dc+b Editor

Because we understand nothing can help you visualise how Curtains will look in your space better than real-life displays, our network of stores have been designed to inspire you by showcasing a wide range of Curtain styles. You’ll also be able to explore the largest range of Curtain fabrics in Australia, where you can feel the fabric textures or see how the colours may appear differently depending on changing light conditions.


There are many different control options that can operate your window coverings, try these out in store so you can select the right one that works for your home and lifestyle.


dollar curtains + blinds has specialised in crafting custom made Curtains in Melbourne for over 50 years. Contact us today, visit a store or book a free design, measure and quote. Our Interior Consultants can help you to make the perfect choice.

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