Window coverings for nurseries + children’s rooms.

The best window covering solutions for nurseries and children’s rooms, and why.

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Gina Ciancio - Style Curator
Neutral Wave Fold Sheer Curtains

Ask any parent for their top tips when having a baby and investing in quality window coverings for the nursery is sure to be high on the list! Because even a slither of light in a nursery can be the difference between a Bub who sleeps soundly… and one who keeps you up with cranky cries for hours.

So, what are the best window coverings for nurseries and children’s rooms? There are a few great options on the market that we’ll run through. Most important, is having a versatile solution that can offer both diffused light during the day, and total blockout for day sleeps and at night. This is achieved with a two-layer solution.

Double Curtains.

The first option is to have a Double Curtain with a sheer fabric and blockout fabric.

This is the ultimate window covering, as it:

  • offers the greatest control of light and privacy
  • achieves a luxurious, designer look
  • offers excellent insulation benefits
  • can reduce noise transfer, and
  • can be fully automated.

As well as being highly functional, Double Curtains can be custom made to suit your interior style. With Australia’s largest range of curtain fabrics, including our budget-friendly Curtains+ range of fabrics with complimentary making, you can be sure to find the perfect fabric colour, material, and print or weave at dollar curtains + blinds.

We have curtain and blind fabrics that are fire retardant, environmentally friendly PVC-free, or made from recycled polyester, and certified by Greenguard and Oeko-Tex to ensure no harmful chemicals are present for a healthier home.

Read our tips to finding the right curtain fabric here.

Roller Blind + Curtain.

One of the most popular window coverings in modern homes is a recess fit or face fit Roller Blind with a Curtain in front.

This solution works well in a nursery, and can be done as either:

  • a Blockout Roller Blind and Sheer Curtain, or
  • a Translucent Roller Blind and Blockout Curtain.

Both options offer similar benefits as a Double Curtain, including automation, but are slightly more affordable.

“All of these duo window covering solutions give you total control of light and privacy, while improving the thermal performance of your home for greater comfort and lower energy bills.”

— Gina Ciancio

Roman Blind + Curtain.

For maximum insulation, a Roman Blind with a Curtain in front is a fabulous solution.


Our Soft Roman Blinds are made with a high-quality lining that adds to the insulation benefits while ensuring the fabric does not shift, shrink or distort. These can be constructed from any of our curtain fabrics to enhance the soft furnishing scheme in your nursery. Some clients prefer for their Soft Roman Blind and Curtain fabrics to match, while others will use contrasting colours or prints for added interest.


We also have a wide range of Hard Roman Blinds available in blockout, sunscreen and translucent fabrics. These bring crisp, clean lines to your space and suit traditional to modern interiors.

Plantation Shutters + Curtain.

If child and pet safety is a priority, Plantation Shutters are cord-free and highly durable. Best of all, we custom make to suit any shape or size window or door, including arch windows, for a perfect fit. As well as looking dreamy, Plantation Shutters are incredibly cost effective and look right at home in a traditional or modern style interior.


Does your nursery have a bay window? It’s hard to look past a Plantation Shutter – bay windows and Shutters are a match made in heaven! Similarly, they’re also the perfect fit for a Hamptons style home. Read our 101 guide to Shutters here.


While a Shutter alone can see some light creak through, dressing the window with Blockout Curtains or Drapes over the top eliminates this issue. Adding a Curtain also greatly improves insulation and noise reduction.

Cellular Blind + Curtain.

The final solution in our guide to window coverings for nurseries is a Cellular Blind with a Curtain.

Just like a Roller Blind and Curtain, you can select either:

  • a Blockout Cellular Blind and Sheer Curtain, or
  • a Translucent Cellular Blind and Blockout Curtain.

Cellular Blinds offer similar benefits as Roller Blinds in that they:

  • can be fully automated
  • offer a sleek and modern look, and
  • come in a range of fabrics to suit your colour scheme.

However, Cellular Blinds have the added benefit of greater thermal performance. The unique honeycomb structure traps air and minimises heat transfer through your window. It also offers better sound absorption.

Another benefit of Cellular Blinds worth mentioning is they have smaller light gaps – a high priority when considering the right window covering for a nursery! And there are several child safe control options to choose from, including lift + lock, cordless or motorised.

One of our favourite features of Cellular Blinds is the range of design options, allowing you to open the blind from the top down, bottom up, or in both directions. So, if your nursery faces the street and you want to maintain privacy but still have a view to outside, you can open the blind from the top down.

Wave Fold Sheer Curtains

Don’t forget a Pelmet or Casette and Side Channels.

Earlier we mentioned even a crack of light can keep Baby awake so for total light control, it’s worth adding a Pelmet or a Casette and Side Channels depending on the window covering solution you select.

These conceal the hardware, creating a more streamlined look and can offer greater safety – and most importantly, eliminate light gaps to achieve complete darkness. Pelmets and Side Channels also minimise heat transfer, improving the thermal performance of your window coverings.

All of these duo window covering solutions are excellent options for a kids room or play room where having total light and privacy control is a must.

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