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Brianna Hatton - Thursday, December 17, 2020


2020 may be the hardest thing our generation has ever encountered, and to succeed will require the best of us – from all of us. The need to care for and support each other has never been greater. Which is why we feel so strongly about being Australian Made and Australian Owned – helping other Australian families rebuild by employing and manufacturing locally.

The Australian Made logo is not only a celebration of Australian craftsmanship, it is a commitment to the future of Australia and the wellbeing of fellow Australians. We are proud to be officially certified, Australian Made and Owned. The mark of authenticity.

For over 50 years, Australian families have chosen dollar curtains + blinds. They choose us for our exceptional quality, our extensive range and our excellent service. But they also choose us because we are Australian made.

As a mark of Australian dependability, we proudly bear the Australian Made logo in recognition of our dedication and commitment to Australian craftsmanship. From design to installation, our entire team are focused on providing the highest quality products and the most complete service, at the best possible price.

Making a dc+b product requires time, materials, tools, talent, emotion, intelligence and skilful hands. We focus on what matters to you – a quality handcrafted product. It’s in our design DNA. Behind the smallest detail there is a dedicated person guided by pride in a job well done.
Market leading materials, manufacturing processes and quality control systems feature just as highly as design. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities that enhance our product and service, ensuring that our customers are provided with a high quality, innovative product.

Our commitment and the desire to offer the very best in quality and value has kept our business at the forefront for over 50 years. This longevity means we’re now very familiar to generations of families who know they can trust us to produce a quality product at a value for money price.

Experience Australia’s largest range of indoor and outdoor window coverings today at dollar curtains + blinds.

Generations of Australians have started their day with dollar curtains + blinds, maybe you should too.

dollar curtains + blinds. 50+ years in the making.



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