Layer up.

Featured homes in Kilmore + Charlemont.

Words by
Joanne Hawkins
Photography Rachel Winton
Double Wave Fold Curtains

Here, in Australia we love our Curtains, and why wouldn’t we? Curtains add visual and decorative impact to a space as well as practical benefits such as blocking out light, retaining or keeping out heat – depending on the season - and offering privacy.

Layering Curtains only increases those benefits, doubling the functionality, style and performance, depending on your needs for a particular space.

Here, we take a look at how layering Curtains has been used to stunning effect in two new homes. The owners both asked dollar curtains + blinds to design, manufacture and install window coverings throughout, transforming them from empty shells into comfortable, stylish spaces.

Double Wave Fold Curtains
Double Wave Fold Curtains

Double up.

When the owners of this home in Kilmore, in regional Victoria, finished their contemporary renovation, they chose Double Curtains for multiple rooms in their home, including the bedrooms, dining and living areas.


The Double Curtains – combining Blockout and Sheer Curtains on one window – create a well-designed, stylish and ultimately very practical finish.


Control of each curtain is separate – open the heavier Blockout Curtains during the day keeping the Sheer Curtains closed for diffused light and privacy. Then, at night, close the Blockout Curtains for maximum darkness, privacy, thermal and noise insulation.

You also have the choice of which way you layer them. Here the Blockout Curtains are layered at the front with the Sheer Curtains forming the base layer behind.


The owners chose Double Curtains in the popular Wave Fold heading style where a smooth continuous wave is created using a special track and tape heading. Wave Fold is perfect for those looking for a contemporary look.


Blockout Curtains in Epic fabric in an Ash tone combined with Sheer Curtains in White Lucern fabric create a perfect pairing that effortlessly complements the house’s mid-century influenced interior.

“Curtains add visual and decorative impact to a space as well as practical benefits such as blocking out light, retaining or keeping out heat.”

— Joanne Hawkins

All the layers.

Layering was also key for the window coverings throughout this smart new build in the Geelong suburb of Charlemont.

In the living and dining spaces, floor-to-ceiling Wave Fold Sheer Curtains were layered over low-maintenance Blockout Roller Blinds. This layering combination combines the beautiful softness of the Sheers with the room darkening, privacy and UV protection qualities offered by Blockout Roller Blinds.

The Sheer Curtains elegantly diffuse sunlight to brighten up the spaces while retaining daytime privacy. They also soften the link between indoors and outdoors.

In the bedrooms, Wave Fold Double Curtains with Blockout Curtains in Coogee fabric in Ebony layered over Sheer Curtains in Maya fabric in an Ivory colourway enhance the house’s monochromatic scheme.

Both layering combinations allow for daytime privacy and diffused sunlight along with night-time privacy and light control.

Wave Fold Sheer Curtains

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