How to select the perfect window covering.

The inside guide to select the perfect window coverings for your home.

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The first thing to consider is the purpose of the window covering. Window coverings can provide day or night-time privacy and can also assist with your indoor climate – be it natural heat or natural light. Different window coverings can also provide energy saving benefits for you.

The next aspect to consider is your view from the window/doors. You may want a window covering which conceals an unappealing view but allows filtered light. If your view is pleasant you may choose a covering that can be opened up to the view. Aesthetics is another determining factor.

Here are some window covering options for you to consider.


There is no better thermal insulator than Curtains which can save you money by  reducing your heating and cooling costs. They can also enhance or change the look of a room dramatically.


Sheer Curtains float delicately across your windows to diffuse sunlight and soften your home. They let the daylight through and provide daytime privacy making them perfect to use in a layered window solution. They also soften the link between your indoor and outdoor living areas whilst enhancing the ambience of a room by adding movement and texture.

Designer tip: pair with a Blockout Curtain or Blockout Blind for night time privacy.

Blockout Curtains provide excellent light control, privacy and reduce outside noise, allowing you to control your environment according to the occasion and your mood. Studies demonstrate that Curtains made from blockout fabric can reduce heat gains by 33 per cent.

Now the fun part – selecting the fabric! You can borrow samples of fabrics from any dollar curtains + blinds store, as well as full Curtain lengths so you can take them home and try them out yourself.

Wave Fold Sheer Curtains

Wave Fold Sheer Curtains and Roman



Roller Blinds.

Roller Blinds are extremely versatile and a cost-effective option. The beauty of these is their ability to control light, block out heat and glare and disappear when required. We offer a multitude of styles and countless fabric colours, textures and transparencies.

Roller Blinds can be paired easily with a soft, floaty, Sheer Curtain with the added benefit of blocking out light and heat. When the Blind is a similar colour to the walls it almost disappears leaving the sheer as the focus.

Cellular Blinds.

Cellular Blinds offer superior energy efficiency. Cellular Blinds are designed with a unique, honeycomb cell shape that creates pockets of energy-saving insulation. The cell construction traps air, limiting heat energy transfer in and out of the window. Improving energy efficiency can reduce energy costs in winter and summer.

Roman Blinds.

For more classic and heritage-style homes, Roman Blinds are a great option. They have luxurious pleated folds which are raised fold by fold creating a soft layered look. When raised you maximise your views and natural light. When they are closed they give complete privacy.





Plantation Shutters

Shutters are an ideal choice for thermal insulation – open the blades to stream light into rooms or close to insulate, providing you with a more energy efficient home all year round. Shutters can also transform the façade of your home, creating an immediate impact on your home’s curb appeal while adding sound insulation from outside road and traffic noise.


PVC Shutters have the added benefits of being UV, water and moisture resistant to withstand fading, cracking or warping. Unaffected by moisture or humidity makes them ideal for high use and wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Plantation Shutters in kitchen

Shutters provide a luxe look and are great for coastal-style homes. They can also be paired with Sheer Curtains which add an element of softness. This works particularly well in living areas and bedrooms. Difficult windows such as corners and bay windows are also perfectly suited to Plantation Shutters as they can be custom-made to any size and shape window.


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