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Fabric types.

Reverse Pleat Curtains


A range of high quality and affordable uncoated and coated Curtain fabrics. Select from the Curtains+ complimentary making fabric range and you’ll enjoy no making costs, full length Curtain samples to take home and try, and priority making. There’s a fabric suitable for every room!

Sheer Curtains


Soft and breezy translucent fabrics that filter and diffuse light. Ideal for daytime privacy and adding softness to a room. Sheers layer beautifully with heavier fabrics or over lining fabrics to achieve night-time privacy and light control.

Closed Blockout Wave Fold Curtains


Coated fabrics have a coating applied to the rear side of a fabric which helps to block out light. They have been treated to make them longer lasting, stronger, and more weather resistant. Rather than interweaving a strengthening fibre directly into the fabric, these fabrics are coated with a substance that makes the fabric surface more impervious to damage. Lining fabric is not required with this type of fabric.

Fabric Samples


Many Curtain fabrics are made uncoated and have a separate lining added to them to create a Blockout Curtain. Although tightly woven without any coating, these fabrics offer a softer look and drape. They provide a higher level of insulation and light control than sheer fabrics.

Double Wave Fold Curtains


Lining fabrics are plain fabrics with a durable coating applied to one side. Lining is usually layered behind a sheer or uncoated fabric and ensures Curtains have a beautiful drape. Our lining is proudly Australian made, blocks light, improves privacy, adds thermal insulation, and reduces noise. It also protects the Curtain fabric and your interior from sun damage.


“I love the way textiles so often tell a story, conveying a history of the maker or capturing a moment in time that can be treasured forever in the intricate craftsmanship of these timeless, precious pieces.”

— Kit Kemp. Designer + Author. A Living Space.
Linen Curtains

Linen Fabrics


Fabric + curtain care tips.

Curtains are extremely low maintenance and easy to keep clean. To maintain and preserve the life span of your Curtains regular dusting and vacuuming are recommended. It is also important to refer to the care label instructions supplied with every Curtain. 

To extend the life of your Curtains a high-quality lining fabric is recommended to not only provide insulation but to also protect your Curtains and your interior from sun damage.

We recommend choosing Sheer Curtains that can remain closed during the day, while still allowing the view to be visible. They significantly reduce the effects of sunlight while providing daytime privacy.

Wave Fold Sheer Curtains

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