The Best Outdoor Blinds + Awnings To Beat The Summer Heat.

Creating an energy-efficient home.

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Creating an energy-efficient home calls for measures beyond typical air-conditioning and fans. Keeping the heat out of your home is better than cooling your house, both financially and environmentally. One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is to include outdoor blinds and awnings. At  dollar curtains + blinds, we strive to provide you with quality outdoor blinds and awnings that you can use to block the heat this summer, keep your home cool and make your exterior appealing.


Window awnings

You can block out the harsh Australian sun this summer by installing window awnings. Awnings protect you from glare and also prevent your interior furnishings such as your furniture and flooring from getting UV damage from the sun’s rays. With dollar curtains + blinds quality fabric, you can prevent up to 95% of solar energy from entering your home.

To ensure that you keep the exterior of your house appealing, you can purchase custom-made awnings and match the colours to the exterior design of your home. In our range of window awnings, we have three styles you can choose from – Straight Drop, Fixed Guide, and Automatic.

When shopping for awnings, remember to select fabrics that can survive the harsh Australian climate. For this reason, we offer a fabric guarantee for water, mildew, and bacteria resistance. You can also purchase fire-resistant fabrics.

What if you don’t want to fold every awning manually? We’ve got you covered. You can choose from our operating options – spring roller, manual crank, or motorised. By combining our motorisation system with your home automation system, you can control all our window awnings with a button.


Alfresco Awnings + Outdoor Window Blinds

Installing outdoor blinds is an excellent way to keep the sunshine out of your outdoor entertaining areas and to help keep the interior of your home a cool temperature in summer. You can acquire any of our stylish outdoor window blinds to block out the heat and also maintain the elegance of your home’s exterior. Our range of outdoor blinds includes:

  •    Outdoor patio blinds
  •    Alfresco blinds
  •    Café blinds
  •    Bistro blinds
  •    Verandah blinds
  •    Zip track blinds
  •    Zipscreen blinds

To ensure that you find the fabric that matches your outdoor shading requirement, we stock canvas, mesh, acrylic, and PVC blinds. All the materials are designed to survive the outdoors and resist moisture, mildew and stains from external elements.

With dollar curtains + blinds, you can personalise your blinds and awnings to fit your windows and doors. We also have several styles for you to choose from:

  • The straight drop blinds are ideal for traditional window frames. With these blinds, you can protect yourself from harmful UV rays and achieve a modern simple look.
  • The cable guide blinds are excellent if you prefer an industrial look, accompanied by privacy and ventilation. The cables are made from high tensile stainless steel, making them suitable for coastal homes.
  • Deep channel blinds block off the light and allow multiple lock-off points.
  • If you live in windy areas, we have the side retention system which completely encloses off the protected area, leaving no space for dust and dirt to penetrate.

To avoid adjusting your blinds manually, you can also motorise your blinds. Motorisation helps you adjust your blinds throughout the day to the exact positions you desire without moving around. You can move all your blinds according to the direction and the intensity of the sun..


Finding the best Awnings and Outdoor Blinds 

You can find the perfect awnings and blinds to protect your windows at dollar curtains + blinds. We also provide Free In-Home Measure and Quote to ensure that all your awnings and blinds fit perfectly. For more information, contact our interior consultants at your local dc+b store today.

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