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Joanne Hawkins
Photography Rachel Winton
Blockout Curtains

There’s no doubt of the appeal of a heritage country home and this one, set in the rolling Victorian countryside near Gisborne, is no exception.

Rich in period detail such as original wooden sash windows, high ceilings and classic architraves, the house is a period beauty.

So, when owner Stella was choosing window coverings for her lovingly-renovated home, it was important that her choices would complement the exquisite spaces they would inhabit, as well as showcasing the windows – and views beyond.

country home

“The height of the curtains also emphasises the home’s high ceilings by drawing the eye up and making the rooms appear larger.”

— Stella, Gisborne

Pinch me.

After considering her options at her local dollar curtains + blind store, Stella opted for Lined Pinch Pleat Blockout Curtains for multiple rooms of her home.


“The Pinch Pleat Curtains were chosen for their classic contemporary look which ties in with the period features of the home,” explains dollar curtains + blinds Marketing Manager Danielle Crosby.


“The height of the curtains also emphasises the home’s high ceilings by drawing the eye up and making the rooms appear larger,” she adds.


As Stella wanted to showcase the view through the windows – and daytime privacy wasn’t an issue due to the house’s country location – Stella opted for single Lined Blockout Curtains.

“Blockout Curtains provide excellent light control, privacy and reduce outside noise levels, allowing you to have complete control over your environment depending on your occasion and mood,” says Danielle.


The Lined Blockout Curtains are also superstars on the insulation front, preserving up to 20% of the total heat in a home by creating a trapped layer of air between the fabric and the window. Conversely, in the summer, curtains made from blockout fabric reduce heat gains through the window.


Further still, as all dollar curtains + blinds Curtains are made-to-measure, this ensures a snug fit for the windows which also improves insulation.

In the view.

Aesthetically, the Pinch Pleat Curtain heading style creates a classic look with groups of three pleats spaced evenly along creating beautiful fullness and stacking to the side, which is ideal when there is less wall space.

“The curtains are also centre open which frames the windows and draws the eye into the stunning picturesque gardens,” says Danielle.

Here, the Curtains have been made in a woven Hampton fabric with lining fabric attached. The Driftwood colourway complements the soothing neutral colour palette that Stella has chosen for her home.

The Pinch Pleat Curtains, which have been finished in a practical Floating length, also add warmth, softness and texture to the rooms.

Stella is thrilled with the finished result.  “I wanted to elongate the room and add softness. Our curtains in Hampton Driftwood work so well in our sitting room. I couldn’t be happier with the result,” she says.

Blockout Pinch Pleat Curtains

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