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“In small rooms you can make the space appear larger by using lighter fabrics to make the walls appear to recede.”

— dc+b Interior Consultant.

Tip 1: Style + Setting.

Is it a casual setting where you can use fun colours or trendy prints, or a formal setting with more traditional patterns, or a muted colour palette? Is the look traditional or contemporary? Think about the look you desire and ensure it will suit the other furnishings already in the room. If you want to embrace the latest fashions make sure you like it enough to live with it for years to come, long after the trend has passed!

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Tip 2: Adding Depth + Proportion.

You can’t change the size of the room but you can change the perceived dimensions of the space with cleverly applied colours and patterns.
Drapery stripes tend to be vertical as they draw the eye up, creating the illusion of height and space.
In small rooms you can make the space appear larger by using lighter fabrics to make the walls appear to recede. Dark colours absorb light making a room seem smaller and can make you feel as though the room is closing in on you. Choose large-scale bold patterns as smaller ones can be chaotic in a small room.
If you have an oddly proportioned room an illusion of depth on one wall can be created using colour. Keeping most of the walls neutral, decorate one wall in a deeper, contrasting colour and colour block with plain or textured Drapery to give the impression that the wall is further away than it is.

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Tip 3: Pattern + Scale.

When choosing a pattern consider the size of the design. Small Curtains or Blinds won’t show the full potential of a fabric with a large pattern. Similarly a large Curtain in a small-scale design can look busy and fussy.
Mix and match different patterns in the same room. The key to contrasting patterns is to ensure each pattern is a different scale. This prevents patterns from blending into each other as the eye has trouble distinguishing between them at first glance.

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Tip 4: Colour.

Colour can change the whole mood of a room. An electric blue Curtain is going to look out of place in a setting decorated in soft pastels, even if the rest of the room is blue! Different colours can work very well together if they are the same weight. Alternatively, a feature piece in a strikingly different weight can have real impact.

Also consider whether you want your furniture in cool or warm tones. Warm tones have an undercurrent of yellow, orange or red, suggesting sunlight and heat. Warm colours bring items closer and create a sense of intimacy and comfort. Cool colours create a sense of space and depth and tend to have a hint of blue or stark white – it has nothing to do with whether the fabric shade is light or dark. You don’t need to create a whole room in one tone. Statement pieces in a contrasting tone bring a welcoming sense of balance to a room.

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