How to choose the length of your Curtains.

The long + the short of it. How to choose the length of your Curtains.

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“Hanging the Curtains at ceiling level maximises the light that shines through the window and makes the walls appear taller.”

— dc+b Interior Consultant.

Floor to ceiling Curtains are in.

If you’re considering whether to go short or long with your Curtains there’s really only one winner – short Curtains are out and floor to ceiling Curtains are in! Why go short with your Curtains when they appear to reduce the height of your windows and the height of your rooms making them feel more enclose?

Designed to hang the full height of windows, custom-made floor to ceiling Curtains are a far better choice. Hanging Curtains as high as possible creates the illusion of height to a room, making windows look bigger and rooms feel more spacious. It’s no surprise they are more popular in Australian homes.

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of floor to ceiling Curtains is the fact that most newly built apartments, and houses are designed in a modern style and feature large glass doors or floor to ceiling glass walls. Floor to ceiling windows are aesthetically attractive, allowing plenty of light and sunshine – just perfect for the Australian lifestyle.

Visual Effect.

It is important to consider the presentation and visual effect you want to achieve. Ceiling height is also a key factor in how high the Curtains should be hung. Hanging the Curtains at ceiling level maximises the light that shines through the window and makes the walls appear taller. Some people like to hang the Curtain just above the window trim, letting the Curtain fabric pool at the floor to create a feature. For homes with floor to ceiling windows, it is rare but certainly possible to have some wall space between the top of the window and ceiling.

Another way to add interest to the appearance is with the length of the Curtain track; it should exceed the width of the window slightly. For those with floor to ceiling windows the obvious choice is ceiling mount Curtain tracks which let the Curtains hang from the ceiling to the floor. The ultimate goal is to preserve the balance between the Curtains and the rest of the room and produce an aesthetically pleasing ambience.

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