Working from home? Here’s how to give your space a wellness boost.

Working From Home? Here’s How To Give Your Space a Wellness Boost.

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“If your office space requires storage, make sure that piece looks great on its own and isn’t this super-utilitarian file cabinet.”

— Dani Arps – Interior Designer.

Working from home.

If you are currently working from home, you will know it has its advantages (staying in your pjs, the chance to be more productive without interruption, etc.) but hunched over the dining table or curled up on the sofa is a no no. So how do you create a functional and on-trend workspace where you won’t get distracted? We’ve compiled a list of the easiest ways to create a dreamy office that works for you.


Find the right spot.

Consider your working style and the nature of your work, as well the needs of the people you live with. It can be in a separate room, a little unused space or even in your kitchen to keep an eye on your family’s going ons.


If you require quiet and privacy, you’ll want to select a space that’s away from the daily flow and distractions of your household. But if you can’t use a designated room (and most of us don’t have that luxury), get creative with an existing small space. Hallways, landings, space under the stairs or near a fireplace that are often thought of as being unusable can aptly fit a small desk and a chair without it encroaching on the space itself.


Wherever you choose to set up, a well-thought-out design and layout is key.


  1. Pick a great desk + chair for your budget.

The most important piece of your home office – the desk! Choose a good finish (nobody wants splinters), make sure it’s wide enough for your laptop or computer and anything else you need to do your work, and the height is a comfortable 70cm to 75cm. Invest in a good quality chair that is supportive and comfortable. Your neck and back will thank you, especially if you’re going to be sitting for hours.


Just because a desk or chair is functional in nature doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Pick pieces that match your interior style. Need to save space or want to achieve that minimalist look? A wall mounted desk and shelving option is perfect. Want something custom? Update your desks legs to hairpin. Inject personality with stylish office chairs in retro hues combined with traditional wheel base.

  1. Choose some stylish storage.

Consider your workflow and how to keep essentials easily accessible. Choose storage, such as shelving, drawers and the popular Mustard Made lockers, that are functional and stylish and will encourage you to keep everything where it should be.


Make the most of natural light + your view.

Natural light makes a room feel ‘airy’ and spacious. It also plays a vital role in our overall wellbeing. Lack of natural light exposure can negatively affect concentration, mood and your sleep quality. So, allow in as much natural light as possible and take advantage of having a view, if you can, by positioning your desk to face the window.


No view? Hanging wall art or a pinboard above your desk will help uplift your mood and give your eyes a break. Think carefully about your choice of window treatment. Translucent Blinds  can help reduce glare without darkening your room, our Blinds coated with SPC are beneficial for thermal control and decreasing glare.


Contemporary Vision Blinds balance light control with privacy while you still have your view. If your office is a bedroom, opt for the double bracket system so you can have both a sheer blind for during the day and a blackout at night to ensure a restful sleep.


When it comes to artificial lighting avoid dim light bulbs as these put strain on your eyes, and if you’re working inside for long periods at a time with reduced natural light, consider a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamp. These special lights are designed to simulate natural daylight, and can help to trick your body into thinking you’re working outdoors, preventing negative wellbeing.

  1. Create a floor plan.

Now you know the size of your space, desk, chair and any additional storage, you can now plan out the space. A floor plan is an excellent way to organise a room (not just a home office) before moving any furniture in, and if you know you’ll be involved in video calls, think about what your ‘background’ will be.


Play with it, try different layouts. Keep in mind where the door, windows and plug sockets are. Unless you’re fully wireless, place your desk near plug points so you’re not tripping over cables, or if that’s not possible, you now know ahead of time you need a cord tamer to make sure the space is safe for all.


Incorporate some greenery.

Studies show a little greenery can help with an improved state of mind, boosting productivity and happiness. Add a few houseplants, bring some life and colour to your space and benefit from a cleaner and happier environment.


  1. Create a space you want to be in rather than have to be in.

Although the space should remain quite minimal as an open space will help with concentration, your home office can still reflect your style. It could be a favourite piece of artwork, a collection of objects (not in the way), a colourful or patterned window Blind, or an invigorating paint colour.


When done right, paint is a great way to create the illusion of space. Use a colour you love on the walls or ceiling to make the space feel larger than it is. Want your office to feel different from the rest of your home? Use paint to section off the office space. Textures, patterns and colour. Window Blinds don’t always have to blend in. Use them as an opportunity to show your style or bring a vibrancy to your space.


Abstract more your style? Inspire a serene space that echoes the japandi trend with Cherry Blossom. Or keep it plain with Capri or one of Carnival’s forty-eight colours.


Colours can affect productivity, incorporate them through stationery, pot plants, wall art, paint or the furniture you’ve picked. Greens evoke calm without causing fatigue, suitable for those working long hours. Yellows can alter our emotions ideal for creative workers while reds increase your heart rate, perfect for active workers. Blues help with focus and have a positive effect on our output. Including these personal touches, will make your work day so much happier.

  1. Some additional tips on wellness.

When fatigue sets in many opt for a coffee or sugar kick to get to the end of the day. Goes without saying, this is not the healthy solution. But with working from home you’re now able to use alternative techniques that aren’t favoured in an office situation.


Use your sense of smell: Why not use scented candles or natural essential oils for a subtle form of aromatherapy that can help invigorate your energy levels. Research their properties so you pick the right scent for your type of work. Cinnamon sparks the senses and improves concentration, jasmine and rosemary help with relaxation while citrus can help with attentiveness.


Get away from your desk: Rather go for a short walk open your windows for fresh air (preferably have these open anyway, even if it’s just on safety latch). Chill on your sofa with a cuppa, water your plants or even do a quick home workout. The combination of fresh air and movement provides some form of stress relief, and keeps you mentally and physically healthy.



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