Linen Curtain + Sheer Curtain fabrics.

Sheer force. Linen Curtain + Sheer Curtain fabrics: What you need to know about these dreamy fabric options.

Words by
Gina Ciancio – Style Curator
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Linen Curtains

The hottest window coverings in interiors right now are Sheers. These soft, floaty Curtains enhance any space, adding an instant sense of luxury. Made from either a sheer fabric or linen, there are hundreds of options – in various textures, weaves, and in every colour of the rainbow. 


There’s more to Linen and Sheer Curtain fabrics than meets the eye though. I’m talking about fabric performance. Every fabric has different qualities, which can affect durability, how easy they are to clean, and other pros and cons.


So, before you jump ahead and get caught up in Curtain textures and colours, here’s some important things to be aware of about linen and sheer Curtain fabrics.  

Natural Linen or Sheer, which is better?

As the earthier trend continues to gain popularity, people are shifting towards more natural Curtain fabrics. 


While lightweight Sheers dominated for years, the buzz right now is all about Linen Curtains. 


There’s no denying this fabric looks divine with its informal elegance. However, there are some things to be aware of before selecting real Linen Curtain fabrics.


Linen fabrics can:

  • fade in sunlight, and overtime this can create patchy and uneven Curtains
  • shrink in humid environments, so it’s best to avoid these in coastal areas or bathrooms
  • crease easily 
  • shorten in length over time, due to shrinkage
  • have an odour, which dissipates over time, and
  • be more expensive

These issues have led to a fabulous range of linen-look Curtain fabrics becoming available at dollar curtains + blinds. Looking just like the real thing but made from polyester, these man-made fibres achieve the natural style without the downsides.


Linen-look and Sheer fabrics will:

  • maintain their colour and shape
  • not shrink and are less likely to wrinkle
  • be easier to clean as they are generally stain-resistant and have good washability


Window coverings are a big investment so it’s important to select a fabric that will meet your lifestyle needs while achieving your desired style. Read more about curtain fabrics and performance.


With Australia’s largest range of Curtain fabrics to choose from, you can find an endless array of natural Linen, Linen-look and Sheer fabrics at your local dollar curtains + blinds store.


Wave Fold Sheer Curtains

Linen Curtains

Linen Sheers

Linen Curtains


Deciding on fabric weave.

As well as material type, the other thing I encourage people to think about is the fabric weave. 


Weave is important for two reasons – it can add subtle pattern to your space, and it can affect fabric performance.


A fabric with a tight weave, like a lightweight sheer fabric, will:

  • keep its shape
  • be easier to wash, and
  • softly diffuse light

Whereas fabrics with a loose or open weave may:

  • have a more relaxed drape
  • not be suitable for homes with cats (as loose weaves are an invitation for clawing)
  • be difficult to spot clean or wash yourself, and
  • add a bolder look to your space as the weave can cast interesting shadows or create a texture on the fabric.

Both Linen and Sheer fabrics make for beautiful Curtains. However, I hope that by covering the main benefits and features of these fabrics, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on what type of fabric is right for your home.


Be sure to take advantage of dollar curtain + blinds free service where you can borrow full length samples and hang these in your home. It will help you to get a true representation of what the Curtains will look like and to see how these work with the other elements in your space. 

“There’s more to Linen and Sheer Curtain fabrics than meets the eye. Every fabric has different qualities, which can affect durability, how easy they are to clean, and other pros and cons.”

— Gina

Linen Curtains


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