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Words by
Joanne Hawkins
Photography Lisa Atkinson
Interior Design Katie Sargent Design
Pinch Pleat Curtains with Banding on Black Track

When interior designer Katie Sargent was commissioned to design the interiors for two luxurious holiday homes in Bright, she relished the chance to put together beautifully styled spaces that were “cosy, warm and inviting”.

Part of Big Sky Retreats, the two neighbouring houses – Bridgewater and River Run – are nestled in the heart of Victoria’s picture-perfect Alpine High Country near Mount Hotham and Falls Creek. Their inspiration came from American-style lodges found in the ski resort of Big Sky, Montana.

With an emphasis on comfort and relaxation, the elegant spaces Katie has created are the essence of “country chic”. Unique design pieces, sumptuous furnishings and luxurious linens combine with a soothing colour palette to create two very refined retreats.

“Think greens, a mix of timber, some smooth, some a little weathered, organic textures and an eclectic collection of art and objet,” explains Katie on the website for her Melbourne-based interior design business Katie Sargent Design.

The same attention to detail extends to the windows. dollar curtains + blinds were thrilled to be asked to install window coverings throughout both houses with their exceptional quality and 100% handcrafted and custom-made products considered the perfect fit for a luxe holiday retreat.

Roman Blinds and Pinch Pleat Curtains

Softly does it.

A carefully considered collection of soft Blockout Roman Blinds, Pinch Pleat Curtains and Sheer Roller Blinds have been used in different combinations, depending on a particular room’s light and privacy requirements.

The beauty of soft Roman Blinds is that they combine the simplicity of blinds with the warmth and versatility of soft furnishing fabrics. Here, they were manufactured in tactile Mosman and Beechworth fabrics to add further texture to the spaces.

A plain finish was chosen for the bottom of the Roman Blinds to add a contemporary and streamlined look while on a functional note, the additional layer of lining creates increased thermal insulation, light control and privacy as well as adding UV protection.

Roman Blind over Sheer Roller Blind

“The beauty of soft Roman Blinds is that they combine the simplicity of blinds with the warmth and versatility of soft furnishing fabrics.”

— Joanne Hawkins

Double up.

In some rooms, the Roman Blinds were layered with Sheer Roller Blinds with fabric-wrapped base rails providing a seamless finish. The Sheer Roller Blinds allow daytime privacy and softly-filtered light, along with glare reduction during the summer months.

Elsewhere, classic Pinch Pleat Blockout Curtains were layered over the Sheer Roller Blinds.

The colours chosen for both the Curtains and the Roman Blinds – Mosman’s Swan in the Bridgewater house and Beechworth’s Pearl in River Run – seamlessly blend with the rest of Katie’s airy interior palette.

Both were smartly finished with banding in a contrasting colour at the bottom (Mosman’s Fossil in Bridgewater and Beechworth’s Rosemary in River Run) which adds interest and a decorative finish.

With gorgeous interiors like these, the only problem these holiday houses will have is getting their guests to leave.

Roman Blind

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