Four elegant Curtain ideas for living room design inspiration.

Four elegant Curtain ideas for living room design inspiration.

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“If you favour a light, minimalist style, try adding a mono-coloured curtain into your design to create a simple but sophisticated look.”

— dc+b Interior Consultant.

Windows tend to act as focal points of interior design so it’s important to integrate them with the entire room. The best way to do that is by adding Curtains.

Curtains play a significant role in interior design. They can serve to add colour and depth or even control the amount and shade of natural light in the room. Due to the sheer number of colours and styles available choosing the right Curtain for your living room can be a daunting task.

Whether you’re getting ready to redecorate, or you’re simply looking for a change but feeling a bit overwhelmed, we’re here to help.Here’s four elegant Curtain ideas to consider that are sure to look fantastic in any space.

Calming Sheers.

There’s something about the image of delicate, light Sheer Curtains swaying in the breeze that is undeniably calming.


Sheer Curtains offer natural light to accent your windows or add a little colour, all while keeping that calming, soft, sunlit glow.


If you lean more toward a lighter, less is more effect in your decorating, then Sheer Curtains are the best choice for you.


Custom Pelmets.

If you’d like to accent a window without covering it up, a Pelmet could be the perfect solution.


A patterned Pelmet can add a touch of vibrant elegance to a room. You can use a Pelmet to emphasise a specific accent colour or tie everything together with a vibrant print.


Pelmets also assist in framing your windows and the view outside. In addition, they offer  benefits in energy efficiency as they limit the cool or warm air from leaving or entering your home to ensure that you can maintain the right temperature and save on your energy costs.

Detailed prints.

Patterned fabrics  have recently made a triumphant comeback in the world of interior design and are likely to continue to trend.

Whether you favour a striking geometric pattern or a detailed toile, patterned Curtains allow you to express your style in a bold yet elegant way.

Prints can be as loud or as subtle as you like, depending on your style preference. So if you’d like the texture and depth of a print, you can achieve that without having to go overboard on colour.

Rich minimalism.

Just because you want to keep things simple doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little decadence.

If you favour a light, minimalist style, try adding a mono-coloured Curtain into your design to create a simple but sophisticated look.

Swag your Curtains over the Curtain Rod, without rings or hooks, for an extra chic but simple design.

Elegant Curtain ideas.

Curtains can be an attractive and practical way to bring a room together once you know the look you are hoping to achieve.


Now that you have a few new Curtain ideas in mind, it’s time to start decorating. Whether you decide to go with a bright and breezy sheer or a rich and vivid print, we can help. We have hundreds of different patterns, styles, and designs available, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.


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