Five ways Curtains could help you save money.

The Power of Five. Five ways Curtains could help you save money.

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“Curtains have thick layers of woven fabric which are one of the best window covering solutions to insulate your home throughout the year.”

— dc+b Interior Consultant.

Did you know your Curtains could be saving you money year round? Not just an attractive way to improve the atmosphere of your home, window treatments could save you money on the warmest and coldest days of the year. Are you using Curtains in the most energy efficient way?

The right Curtain.

Selecting the correct style of Curtain and method of hanging is essential. Energy-efficient Curtains often have a core of dense material designed to insulate. You can buy Curtains that have an energy-saving coated lining which has been coated onto the back of the fabric or buy lining fabric that is attached behind your Drapes.

To save the most on energy, Curtains must be mounted as close to the walls as possible. Reducing the amount of air between the window and Curtain helps prevent air from escaping from around the edges.

Reduce the draft.

If your windows are old or lack a proper seal, temperature fluctuations can be a problem. Even moderate climates can see a loss of heat with drafty windows.

Heavy, thick or insulated Curtains can help reduce heat loss by 15-17% when drawn closed at night. Energy-efficient Curtains create a draft barrier and prevent temperature transference from the cold of the window glass.

Choose the correct time of day.

When the sun is out open Curtains to allow natural heat to penetrate your windows. Solar energy can be a powerful heater, but leaving the Curtains closed can prevent that heat from getting through.

To maintain privacy in your home while still receiving the heating benefits of the sun, consider hanging a sheer behind the Curtain. Pulling back the heavy protective Drapery while leaving a Sheer Curtain will maintain privacy without compromising sunshine. Known as Double Curtains, they have two layers of fabric which doubles the insulation benefits.

Keep it cool.

In the hot days of summer using Curtains can prevent the sun from overheating the inside of your home. Curtains have thick layers of woven fabric which are one of the best window covering solutions to insulate your home throughout the year.

Preventing the interior from heating during the warmest part of the day means your air conditioner or fans don’t have to work as hard to cool your home. Try leaving Curtains open on the shaded sides of the house while drawing them closed over windows in direct sunlight.

Use less artificial light.

In warm seasons, longer days allow you to take advantage of natural light in the evening. Ambient natural light uses no electricity unlike lamps and light fixtures. Try to use natural light during the day to cut electricity costs, only drawing Curtains closed when direct sunlight threatens to warm the interior of the house.

Sheer Curtains are perfect for summer too. They allow you to enjoy the natural light without compromising your privacy. Sheers allow breezes to pass through which can help to move stagnant air and keep the house temperature comfortable.

Time for new Curtains?

Do your Curtains pass the energy test? If not, planning for a simple update of the Draperies in your home could mean big savings on your next utility bill.

Looking for an affordable window treatment upgrade? Contact us today, visit a store or book a free design, measure and quote. Our Interior Consultants can help you to make the perfect choice.

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