What are Wave Fold, Ripple Fold, or S Fold Curtains?

Wave Fold, S Fold + Ripple Fold explained. What are these beautiful Curtains popping up everywhere?

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Theres a trend in Curtains right now that leans towards simple, yet elegant styles.


The Curtain of choice looks to be the Wave Fold. Also known as Ripple Fold or S Fold Curtains, they provide a very contemporary look without being too outrageous or flashy.


Curious? We’ll cover a little bit about what these Curtains are and how they work, then dig into where they fit and how you should use them.

What are S Fold Curtains?

S Fold Curtains are unique in the sense that they open and close smoothly. As the name implies, the Curtains look just like a wave or long “S” pattern that continues as long as the length of the window it’s covering.


This soft flowing wave effect allows the fabric to drape beautifully and the overall look creates a very contemporary and on-trend finish. Wall to wall and ceiling to floor S fold Curtains can truly transform a space, adding softness to a room with the fabrics movement and texture.


Additionally, if your windows are generally small, S folds can help you create the illusion of size. Hanging your curtain rod closer to the ceiling and letting the curtain drape down past the window will give the impression that your windows are larger than they are.

Things to consider.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re choosing your Wave Fold Sheer Curtains. The first thing is the fabric. Try to find a fabric that’s light, airy, and soft. Stiff fabrics can be full bodied and take up a lot more space. A softer material, however, will fold up nicely and hang beautifully.


Beyond that, you have the freedom to choose any fabric, design, or placement that you want. These Curtains are timeless and go will with modern interiors just as well as traditional ones, so there’s nothing holding you back.


Need more advice?

Curtains are a huge element in the feel of any room. Wave Fold Curtains or otherwise, we have the knowledge and information needed to help you make your next decision.


There’s no harm in getting a little advice about how to make your home as beautiful as possible. See what we have to offer and visit your nearest showroom.





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