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When leading textile designer brand, Zepel Fabricsreleases their trend forecast, we pay attention! Trend forecasts are predictions of the colours and themes that will shape interiors for the year ahead and are based on extensive research. Often influenced by social issues and international events, that’s certainly the case with Zepel’s 2021/2022 Trend Report.


The forecast comprises of three main themes:

  • In it together
  • Re-birth / Re-thinking, and
  • Digitally authentic


These themes are a direct response to the events of 2020. With a strong focus on grounding yet uplifting colours, these themes evoke feelings of comfort, hope and togetherness.

In it together 


In a year where we have been connected by our shared sense of disconnection, ‘In it together’ reflects our deep sense of community.


A delightful palette of uplifting deep yellow and orange, with calming navy blue and the sentimentality of mulberry purple, this trend is about inspiring a better future for us all.


There are messages of supporting local businesses and finding new and better ways to consume – we all have a role to play in a stronger, brighter future.

“Virtual is becoming real, and in a weird twist of surrealism, our real is trying to be virtual. ‘Digitally authentic’ is a theme that also acknowledges the way virtual has become more real. Moving forward, digital will play a more important role than ever as our desire to be hyper connected grows and the reality of virtual becomes impossible to distinguish.”


Re-birth / Re-thinking


Inspired by the famous words of Sir Winston Churchill, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, ‘Re-birth / Re-thinking’ is about a new way of thinking, working, shopping, connecting, finding comfort and looking after ourselves.


While change can stir feelings of uncertainty, our only constant is change. ‘Re-birth’ is a theme of radically shifting and adjusting to a new normal.


The colour palette is a harmonious mix of muted orange and pink, anchored by grounding deep sea green tones and punctuated with accents of black. In the mix are plenty of soft, warm grey and taupe accents.


The colours and materials are directly taken from nature, and there’s a tactile quality running throughout.

Digitally Authentic


There’s no denying it was technology that enabled us to remain connected and productive during this past year of wonder and chaos. And the final theme, ‘Digitally authentic’, celebrates this enabling role of technology.


Futuristic and ethereal, this theme evokes feelings of hope for a brighter future ahead. It is a colourful palette of muted tones, including soft bronze, icy blue and pale lavender.


A truly inspiring, insightful and thought-provoking forecast, it’s clear Zepel Fabrics has captured the themes that will continue to shape our interiors in 2021 and beyond. Explore the latest range of Zepel Fabrics in our stores today.

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