The what, when + how of Wave Fold Curtains.

Catching the wave. The what, when + how of Wave Fold Curtains.

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If you’ve started looking into Curtain options for your home, you’ve probably come across the term Wave Fold… or S Fold or Ripple Fold, which are other names to describe this style of Curtain heading. It’s without a doubt the most popular style of Curtain right now!


So, what style of home do these Curtains suit and are they the right option for your place? Here’s the what, when and how of Wave Fold Curtains.

What are Wave Fold curtains?

Just as the name suggests, these Curtains create a smooth and continuous wave or ‘S’ pattern along the width of your window or wall. 


Suiting both Sheer and Blockout Curtain fabrics, Wave Fold Curtains create an instant sense of luxury. 


They need to be mounted from a Curtain track, which can be fixed to the wall above the window or door (called face fit) or from the ceiling (called top fit). 


It’s also possible to design a double track of Wave Fold Curtains, where a Sheer and Blockout fabric are used on the same window. These are controlled separately, allowing you to have diffused light and privacy during the day and ultimate block out at night.


They are a premium option, especially when automated. Motorisation enables your Curtains to glide open and closed, or to stop exactly where you’d like with the touch of the button. It also helps to keep the fabric of your Curtains pristine as there is no need to touch the fabric. 

When and how should you use Wave Fold curtains?

Wave Fold Curtains suit almost every interior style. We’re seeing them used in new builds, especially contemporary Australian and coastal style homes, and to offer a modern element in traditional homes.


Curtains suit every room of the home – and that can include bathrooms! – and should be used when you want to achieve a softer window covering solution. Wave Fold Curtains look stunning over large expanses of glass windows or sliding doors but can also look just as effective when designed for small to medium size windows. 


Each interior style lends itself to slightly different versions of Wave Fold Curtains, and here’s a cheat sheet to getting the right solution for your home.




The modern style is minimalist and pared back. Generally, in modern homes, it looks best to fix the track to the ceiling and to carry the Wave Fold Curtains from wall to wall. It will create the feeling of a larger and more luxurious space as it draws the eye upwards and across. 


However, it isn’t always possible to fix the Curtain track to the ceiling, such as if you have decorative cornices, raked ceilings or an obstruction. This is when a face fit Curtain track would be designed.


Wherever you decide to mount the track, a fabric in a simple white, grey or neutral shade suits this style best. 


Automation is a must! You can control your Curtains via remote, voice control using a smart device, or with our mobile and tablet app. 


In traditional interiors, you can embrace more pattern and decorative elements. Browse our huge range of fabrics and dare to select a few samples with bolder colours or patterns than you would usually choose. You can borrow full-length samples and hang them in your home so you can visualise how they would look before placing your order. It’s often the unlikely wild card that can work the best!


It’s common to find cornices in traditional style homes and this may prevent you from designing your Curtain track to be mounted from the ceiling or spanning wall to wall. In this case, you would mount the Curtain from the wall above the window or door. To finish off the Curtain and conceal the track, take a look at our range of Pelmet design options.

Contemporary Australian.

This interior style is difficult to define as it’s a fluid style that is constantly evolving. Right now, the contemporary Australian style is defined by large abstract artworks, panel feature walls, architectural lighting, warmer colour palettes – and Sheer Wave Fold Curtains!


As the earthier trend gains momentum, the fabrics best suited to this style are becoming warmer (having more of a beige/brown base rather than cool/blue tint). Texture is also becoming more important. While lightweight sheer fabrics dominated for years, now we’re seeing more textured Curtain fabrics, such as those with a linen appearance, gaining popularity.


There’s no need to stick to white. Coloured fabrics suit the contemporary style to a T. Look for warm, muted tones such as stone, dusty pink or deep blue.

Coastal + Hamptons.

Channel sophisticated coastal vibes with light and airy Wave Fold Curtains. Inspired by the sky and sea, this style embraces a colour palette drawn from the ocean with plenty of white and cream tones to soften the look. 


Your Curtain fabrics should complement these colours and bonus points if you select a fabric with a raw, linen-like feel. It’s a good idea to use a polyester blend rather than natural linen in areas with high humidity, as linen fabric can shrink with moisture.


Chances are you want the view beyond your window to steal the show, so opt for a neutral warm white or oatmeal colour in a beautiful natural texture that’s mounted to the ceiling.


Perhaps it’s all the time we’ve been spending at home lately but there’s a real shift towards more personalised homes… and with it, comes the rise of the eclectic style. People aren’t afraid to show their individual style, which can often be a mashup of unique objects and décor.


This style is all about embracing what you love, rather than conforming to any style rules. In that spirit, take a trip to your nearest dollar curtains + blinds store and get lost in the hundreds of fabrics on display.


A classic, timeless style that celebrates warm, homely yet pared-back interiors. If you want to achieve a Scandinavian style, opt for Wave Fold Curtains in a bright and airy colour. 


These would generally float above the floor (rather than kiss or puddle) to keep the space feeling light.

Mid-century modern.

Another style gaining popularity is mid-century modern. This design style refers to the resurgence of mid-century design (spanning roughly the mid 1940s-1970) but through a modern lens. It focuses on clean lines and linear patterns.


There’s plenty of scope to design window coverings to suit a mid-century modern home. In main living areas, you may want to use minimalist Roller Blinds. And in bedrooms, add a softer window covering solution with a Wave Fold Curtain in a textured drapery fabric layered with blockout lining.


Black and charcoal colours complement the timber panelling and black accents are often seen in these interiors. If black or dark grey Curtain fabrics aren’t for you, other colours typically used in this style include dark blue, brown, or muted green. Or if you want to embrace the more playful side of this style, you could opt for a colour with more pop, such as mustard yellow or burnt orange.


The industrial style is about stripping things back to expose what lies beneath. It’s a raw and edgy style where the bones of a building are celebrated, such as exposed pipes, beams or brick walls.


Use a Wave Fold Curtain in a colour to complement your interiors – an olive green fabric would look divine against red brick, which is often seen in industrial interiors. Either choose a track colour to blend into the ceiling or use black to pick up on the other black accents in your space.


If you love marble, deep colour palettes and accents of bling, your interior style is most likely luxe. This style is all about lavishness and elegance. Everything in your space is intricately layered and beautifully measured – and your window coverings are no exception.


To achieve a luxe interior, opt for Wave Fold Curtains that span from wall-to-wall, if possible, in a heavier fabric weight with a luxurious feel. The length of these Curtains should puddle on the floor for added opulence.


Hopefully this guide to finding the right Wave Fold Curtain helps you to find the perfect solution for your home. Visit your local dollar curtains + blinds store to find out more about Wave Fold Curtains.

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