Pulse Hub.

Our Pulse Hub allows you to accurately control your window coverings via an intuitive, animated interface in our exclusive dc+b control app on your smartphone or tablet. Using the dc+b control smartphone app, you can easily personalise the daily routine of your window coverings; organising them by room, grouping them by scenes, and automating them with timers. Unlock the convenience of smart window coverings.

With built-in Wi-Fi or the option of a LAN connection, the Pulse Hub quickly connects to home networks to unlock the convenience of controlled Automated window coverings, using voice control via AppleHomeKit/Siri, Amazon Alexa,Google Assistant, IFTTT or SmartThings. When opting for app control using asmart phoneor tablet, or voice control on your own preferred smart device, our Pulse Hub is required. Once we have finished installation and a remote is setup and programmed exclusively for you by our Installers, you can then proceed to setup the Pulse Hub to connect to your own devices. When opting to control your window coverings solely with our Paradigm remote, our Pulse Hub is not required.

Smart phone + tablet control.

Our exclusive dc+b control smartphone app is complimentary to download and enables sophisticated window covering control straight from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Once our Pulse Hub has been installed, download the dc+b control smartphone app and set up an account. Experience the control of all your window coverings straight from your smart device. It’s that simple. Utilise our app control to group window coverings by room or scene, establish custom schedules and set timers for convenient and efficient control.

Voice control.

Utilising voice commands to operate our Automate® controlled window coverings is now more convenient than ever. We’ve partnered with all the latest smart home assistants to deliver the most convenient window covering control options. Intuitively operate your Automate® window coverings with a simple voice command through Apple HomeKit/Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT or SmartThings. The ‘native’ control responds to the user’s naturally spoken language. Simply set up the Pulse Hub with your preferred devices to easily control your smart window coverings via your voice. 

Push 15 remote.

With cutting edge design, our Push 15 remotes feature tactile push button controls and are compatible with our Automate® range of motors using ARC technology. Available with 15 channels, the wireless Push 15 remotes come with group controls and the ability to hide channels not being used.

Complementary slimline wall mounts featuring magnetic connections ensure remotes are effortlessly housed when not in use, allowing the flexibility to use your remote as a hand-held or wall-mount remote.

Our Push 15 remotes are the foundation of your Automate® motorisation system which is always required for you to use as a base or backup control for your Automated window coverings.*

The Pulse Hub and a remote are required for every order requiring the app or voice control functions. Once installation is complete, our Installers will happily setup and programme your remote. You can then proceed to setup the Pulse Hub to connect to your own devices for app or voice control. When opting to control your window coverings solely with our Push 15 remote, the Pulse Hub is not required.

Please note: Somfy Motors and SmartMotion Motors use a different remote design. Contact your local store for more information.

*Building Management Motors are connected and controlled via your third party system and setup by your Electrician so a remote is only required as a backup.

Third party integrations.

Achieve effortless control of your window coverings and seamless integration with your building management system for a feature rich home Automation solution. Easily control your window coverings in conjunction with your home’s other smart devices including; lights, security, thermostats and home entertainment, to name a few. Our Automate® range easily and reliably integrates with a variety of major third party building management systems to deliver centralised control of your motorised window coverings from within each system.

For building management systems that offer home Automation integration, cables are supplied so that once the window coverings are installed your Electrician can make the connections to your system. Depending on your smart home Automation partner, the Pulse Hub may also be required to integrate with your system. Building management motors should be controlled via your building management system and are therefore not compatible with our Automate® remotes, dc+b control smartphone app, sensors or accessories.

Sensors + accessories

Indoor Sun Sensor

This clever and discreet device easily mounts to the inside of your window where full sunlight is available to charge it and can be configured to your choice of four pre-set light intensity thresholds. When sunlight levels raise above your chosen setting, our sun sensor will automatically close your Blinds to help control sun glare, protect your interior from UV damage and help keep your home cool.

USB stick for motorised blinds


If you have a situation where all motors are not responding or they’re responding intermittently, our ARC repeater will double the range of power you currently receive. The easy to use repeater increases the range up to 40m/131f with a maximum 2 repeaters per system /network, perfect for double storey homes or multi-level buildings. The repeater is simply placed into a USB socket or a USB charger connected to a power point.


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