Cutting edge battery technology.

Automate® battery-powered motors are the perfect solution for existing households wishing to upgrade to the convenience of motorised window coverings. This solution allows you to charge the motor batteries over time with a charger and can operate as one charger across multiple window coverings or several chargers. We recommend charging once every six months for window coverings that are operated twice a day.

Our market-leading Roller Blind rechargeable motors include built-in lithium-ion batteries and do not require wired power or space for external battery packs. Using the 4m wall charger cable, simply plug the charger into your battery-operated Roller Blind or Curtain, and then into a power point.

When opting for battery operated Roman Blinds or Cellular Blinds, a wall charger continuously connected to a power point can be used to power the Blinds or the battery pack can be recharged and then disconnected from the power point.

Did you know? We have the ability to fit our Roller Blind battery operated 1.1 and 2.0 motors to your existing Roller Blinds with our retro-fit service. Retrofit capability is possible with RB08 and RB09 systems.

Roller Blind

Battery operated charging options.

Roller Blinds + Curtains

A wall charger is available for battery operated Roller Blinds and Curtains. Our solar panel charger is also available for battery operated Roller Blinds with one required for each Blind. The solar panel charger absorbs sunlight in order to power the Blinds so no manual charging is required.

Roman Blinds + Cellular Blinds

A wall charger is connected to a power point for continuous power, or is used to charge the battery pack. A battery pack can be installed as a power source for the Blind which is then re-charged with the wall charger as required.

solar panel

Market leading wired motors.

It’s always good to plan ahead with a renovation or new build because you can then hardwire the motors for your Automated window coverings giving you the ability to set and forget. Suitable for medium to large windows and large commercial projects, Automation is cabled into your home giving it a continuous source of electricity.

Not renovating or building but prefer this option? No problem. You can still hardwire the Automated window coverings into your existing home so you can set and forget too!

Once you have placed your order, we will supply Molex cables with an instruction sheet. These should be given to your preferred Electrician so the cables can be installed prior to the installation of your window coverings.

Zipscreen Awnings

“Our home is now really comfortable and sustainable. We feel relaxed all the time and we love our solar powered Automated window coverings that have an eco-conscience.”

— Martin. Automated Blinds.

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