Curtains are just perfect for Automation and offer an elegant aesthetic for your interior. As a feature in open plan living areas they not only look great but work well with our Automate® motors. Our state of the art technology allows motorised Curtains to wrap around corners and slow down upon closure.

If the remote or your smart phone is not nearby, our Curtain motor offers the added benefit of manual activation with stand-out “soft touch” technology. A gentle pull on the fabric will initiate movement and the motor will complete the action – automatically opening or closing the Curtains. Motors that have been wired in for Curtains offer a manual override feature which can be used if your main power fails.

The motors have been designed to be quiet for acoustic comfort with soft start and stop functionality and also offer the luxury of a suite of Automate® controls. Motors are placed behind the Curtain, mounted vertically facing downwards but can also be mounted facing upwards into a bulkhead.

Recessed Sheer Curtains

Roller Blinds.

Automated Roller Blinds and Double Roller Blinds will help to provide a more comfortable interior and ultimately improve the energy efficiency of your home by minimising or maximising the amount of natural light filtered into your home.

Our Roller Blind battery operated 1.1 and 2.0 motors utilise new lithium-ion battery technology that boasts a patented wire-free design with the antenna cable concealed within the motor head and a micro-USB port for charging. These motors are the quietest available. The ‘soft stop’ function slows the motor (and subsequently the Blind) down rather than coming to a sudden stop while the speed adjustment options allow the Blind to operate smoothly and quietly.

In addition, the motors feature ‘battery check’ technology. With the press of a button the motor moves the Blind down to a position that signifies the battery percentage level. Our Automate® Wire-Free Li-ion Zero motors allow for proficient installation within residential homes and small commercial projects with no electrical wiring required and the ability to be retrofit into existing systems*.

* Retrofit capability only possible with RB08 and RB09 systems. Features listed above do not apply to battery operated 3.0 motor.

Sheer Roller Blinds

Roman Blinds.

We offer flexible motorised solutions for our Roman Blind range, with the choice of wall charger, battery pack, or hardwired connection. Our Roman Blind Automate® CL 0.8 motors and suite of controllers can be completely integrated to achieve the perfect Automated experience.

We recommend the installation of motorised Roman Blinds above the window architrave so that the motorised componentry is concealed from view when looking into the window from outside.

roman blinds

Cellular Blinds.

Our Cellular Blind range has a choice of motorised solutions such as wall charger, battery pack, or hardwired connection. Our Cellular Blind Automate® CL 0.8 motors and suite of controllers can be completely integrated to achieve the perfect Automated experience.

Cellular Blinds


Our Automate® external motor is tailor made for our Window Awning, Zipscreen and Alfresco Awning ranges. Automation reduces the time and effort normally required to operate outdoor window coverings, giving you flexibility and convenience outdoors.

The Awning motor connects to power, so with a permanent power supply there is no need to recharge. The motor can also be conveniently controlled using our Automate® controllers such as remote control or right from your smart phone via our Pulse Hub. Control all of your indoor and outdoor window coverings via the one control. Too easy!

Zipscreen Awnings

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