Finding the right window covering for your space.

It takes two. Finding the right partnership in anything is important but particularly so in window coverings.

Words by
Gina Ciancio – Style Curator

There are many ways you can combine window covering solutions to best suit the requirements and style of your space. 


Today I’m in this stunning property to show you a few examples of how dollar curtains + blinds can design different window coverings together to create a complete design solution.


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Wave Fold Sheer Curtains

In this lounge room, you’ll see one of the most popular options right now – the combination of a Roller Blind and a Sheer Wave Fold Curtain in front. It’s a modern look that suits a range of styles and it’s also highly functional.


The Roller Blind is automated so you can control it to any height with the touch of a button, ideal for rooms that get strong sun rays and shifting light conditions throughout the day. 


The Sheer Curtains in front don’t just look pretty, they diffuse light and offer daytime privacy – and also improve thermal insulation. 


Roman Blinds

For these side windows, Soft Roman Blinds have been used. The folds of the Roman Blind suit the feel of the room but take up less space as they are mounted directly above the window. Roman Blinds are ideal for narrow windows where you don’t want a Curtain stack to one side.

Plantation Shutters

If you have a different shape or size window that’s no problem. dollar curtains + blinds custom design their products, particularly Plantation Shutters, in any size or shape. Their Curtain Tracks can also be curved like the one here, it’s ideal for corner windows. 

Double Wave Fold Curtains on a corner window

This children’s bedroom has views of the street so it needed daytime privacy along with total blockout at night. To achieve this, a Double Wave Fold Curtain has been designed.  


The sheer fabric softens the outlook of the fence and as the client’s children play in the room during the day, the sheer fabric reduces glare and adds UV protection. The blockout fabric is simply closed at night for darkness and total light control. 


With a Double Curtain Track, you can select to have a simple backing fabric (in either blockout or sheer) and make a feature of the front Curtain, or opt for two designer fabrics. In this room, dollar curtains + blinds has designed two beautiful ivory fabrics, deciding to hang the sheer fabric with a beautifully textured design in front. 

Wave Fold Curtains

In the master, daytime privacy wasn’t a concern so a single Curtain Track with a luxurious blockout fabric achieves total darkness at night. Although a different fabric has been used, the same Wave Fold header gives a sense of continuity in the home.

Wave Fold Sheer Curtains

And in this final bedroom, we see that popular combination of a Roller Blind and Wave Fold Curtain again. To add a bit more softness, and because it isn’t a high traffic area, the Curtain length has been extended to kiss the floor rather than float. 


I hope this home tour has offered you plenty of ideas and inspiration on what window coverings you could use in your home. For even more ideas, take a look at the dollar curtains + blinds Instagram account, browse their range of product brochures online or visit your local store.


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