Hard window treatments explained.

Hard line. What to consider when choosing ‘hard’ window treatments.

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Hard window treatments include Roller Blinds, Shutters, Sunscreen Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Wooden Blinds. They can be used in conjunction with Curtains, Swags + Tails, Top Treatments and Pelmets to create superb window treatments.

Here we outline the types of hard window treatments available, their features and what to consider:

Pleated Blinds.

  • Either a single pleat or a honeycomb design.
  • Stack into a minimal space, come in a wide range of colours and are available as a blockout or semi-transparency.
  • The honeycomb style of Blinds is the best type of Blind for heat retention – they have an air pocket to trap heat and are therefore energy efficient.


Roller Blinds.

  • A fabric Blind that comes in a wide range of textures, colours, and light elimination qualities.
  • Can be controlled by spring operation, chain control or motorisation.
  • Great in contemporary situations on large windows with little or no stacking ability and anywhere clean modern lines are required.


Shutters (Wooden)

  • PVC style are great for wet areas.
  • Available in a stained or painted finish.
  • Come with a fixed timber frame and adjustable horizontal blades.

Venetian Blinds (Aluminium)

  • Great for use in wet areas.
  • They are also available with varying amounts of overlap or perforations to control the amount of light.
  • Adjustable horizontal blades.


Venetian Blinds (Wooden)

  • Great for use in wet areas.
  • Good privacy + light control.
  • Adjustable horizontal blades.


Vertical Blinds.

  • Lowest cost window covering available.
  • Minimal stack back.
  • Adjustable vertical blades.

Key points: The finishing details often make or break a job. The following points will help you achieve the best end result of a job:

What type of Blinds?

  • Back roll (or standard roll) gives better privacy as the fabric is closer to the glass and frame.
  • Front roll (can be called reverse roll) covers the Roller and falls from the front of the Roller, and gives a visually better look. It also allows the Blind to pass window catches.
  • Make sure all blades are the same width within the same area.

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