Basford Brands’ 2021-2022 Trends Report.

Forward Thinking. The future is perfectly imperfect: Basford Brands’ 2021-2022 Trends Report.

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Basford Brands
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Linen Curtains

‘Embracing Realness’ underpins the theme of Basford Brands’ 2021-2022 Trend Report. Comprising of three trends – Biophilia, Heritage, and Imperfect Beauty – it’s an exciting mix of colours, textures and patterns that’s sure to inspire.




The first key trend is Biophilia. It’s a philosophy of design defined by “the innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world” or in its simplest terms, the connection humans seek with nature.


Basford Brands’ has interpreted this trend by creating a bold colour palette that plays on contrast. Comprising of ocean blue, musk stick pink, watermelon coral tones and olive and mint greens, there’s a lot of room to create a unique design of your own.


Timber becomes more prominent in furniture, adding warmth and earthiness to spaces and upholstery is taken up a notch with tactile finishes – think quilted, grooved, and corduroy.


While the overall feeling of this trend is earthy, there are also hints of luxury sprinkled throughout, such as brass accents.


Basford Brands’ translates this trend through to its latest collection by incorporating fabrics with motifs inspired by nature – leaf and floral patterns and organic, flowing shapes.


Changing direction, the Heritage trend dials up the drama and looks to the past for inspiration. Traditional motifs such as damasks, scrolls, and panel stripes are reimagined through a modern lens.


The colours are deep and intimate. Dark berry shades sit against blush pink and accents of blue and indigo are dotted throughout.


Darker timbers, including Black Japan finish, are big and add to the moody feel of this trend.


Metallic tones are being used in new ways – often combining multiple metals together. From bold chandeliers to metal and glass credenzas, it’s clear metallic tones play a big influence. Basford Brands’ carries these through to their fabrics, releasing a range of exciting new designs that feature metallic finishes.


Imperfect Beauty

Channelling the organic trend that’s gaining momentum in design, the ‘Imperfect Beauty’ forecast is all about earthy tones and textured finishes. It’s an unconventional kind of luxury that embraces authenticity, naturalness and realness.


The colour palette is a calming mix of ochre, clay, and dusty rose, offset against chalky blues and sage greens.


Textures that mimic raw and eroding finishes play a key role and Basford Brands’ embraces this trend by creating new fabrics that use washing, crushing and pleating to create interest. Linen looks, marled yarns and broken patterns also fit this trend to a T.


Organic shapes and finishes are carried through from furniture shapes to hard surfaces, including terrazzo, aged concrete, and terracotta. Even the metallic accents are aged with rubbed bronze featuring heavily. It’s a trend that’s loaded with interest, right down to its accessories of tufting, tassels, furs and chunky textures.


What an insightful and inspiring forecast by Basford Brands. Explore the latest range of Maurice Kain and Sekers fabrics available in our stores now.

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