Three of the most important considerations when selecting textiles.

If there’s a time to cocoon, it’s now.

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James Dunlop Textiles
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“For many of us, textiles unwittingly create the foundation on which we shape our surrounding space into a reflection of ourselves.”

— James Dunlop Textiles

Ensuring our home is a space of comfort and sanctuary is vital for our mental and physical wellbeing. An interior environment that radiates calm will help to provide clarity from the demands of the day.

With the current uncertainties outside of our homes, one thing we can all agree on, is we need to find or create the space within our homes to feel nurtured and comforted. A brilliant way to explore this, is with textiles.

For many of us, textiles unwittingly create the foundation on which we shape our surrounding space into a reflection of ourselves. Be it a rental or our forever home, textiles set the stage for our personalities to emerge, spaces to become functional and a story to evolve.

Let’s begin with what we consider to be three of the most important considerations when specifying textiles to cocoon within the home: Function, Texture and Colour.


The spaces within our home often have multiple functions. Be it the living room, also known as, the TV room/sleep-over pit/school/workspace/home concert stage/dog pampering corner, now more than ever our homes are a multitasking environment.



We make our spaces work by using practical pieces of furniture and multipurpose accessories. Functional textiles are an organic extension of this, and most buy these pieces without giving too much thought. However, by making a considered selection, you can achieve so much more from your textiles and upholstered furniture.


Imagine a world without texture. Texture enables a physical, sensory connection between us and the surfaces on which we live and interact. Walking barefoot down the beach, or curling your toes into a dewy grass field, the crisp cover of a brand new book, and the irresistible motion of sweeping ones hand across an expertly upholstered sofa on which you are about to recline.



Texture is not only measured by pile or yarn, but can also be a thoughtfully constructed jacquard. Topiary by Mokum is a sophisticated matelassé construction, a weaving technique that elevates pattern into a quilted-look finish. The contemporary colour palette offers both soft and bold options, further enhancing the textural effect of this dimensional textile.


Colour is a universal language that we all tacitly understand, but how do we know we interpret it in the same way? How do I know my blue is the same as your blue? Or if the lush, green grass that I dream of, is in the same hue as what you see?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter if the shades we refer to aren’t formulated or interpreted in the same way, because what we do know about colour (and arguably its most redeemable quality) is that when it works, it just feels right and evokes an emotional response. Colour is personal, and totally subjective. We can be guided by trends and seasonal inspirations but, if a colour resonates with your soul, it will never go out of fashion.

Curtain Fabrics

Velvet invites touch and has the capacity to take and reflect colour better than almost any weave. James Dunlop Vienna is such a velvet – coloured in an array of subtle, earthy hued neutrals as well as rich and sumptuous jewel and nature tones. With a supple, matte surface and the subtlest lustre, the warmth of shades like Antique, Bronzed, Empire and Brandy imbue a rich, softening and nostalgic feel. The beauty of tones like Emerald, Botanical, Twilight and Opal pull natural elements from the outdoors in and contribute to a sense of calmness and serenity.

So there we have it, invest some time on considering the function, texture and colour of the textiles within your home and we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the tranquillity you will create.


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