Roller Blind Cassettes + Side Channels.

Australian designed. Australian made.

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Roller Blind with side channels and square cassette

Roller Blind with side Channels and Rounded Cassette


At dollar curtains + blinds we manufacture our own Roller Blind Cassettes and Side Channels.


– Manufacturing ourselves creates better quality control and gives us the ability to charge you less and offer you more.
– Quicker manufacturing shortens the length of time you have to wait for your Blinds.


Sleek and contemporary Cassette systems are available with the option of Side Channels in four powder coated colours; white, birch white, black and the popular anodised.


Adding a powder coated aluminium Cassette creates a stylish finish, housing the fabric and mechanism of the Blind, further insulation and concealing componentry underneath. Combining this with Side Channels further adds to these benefits and improves light control and privacy down the sides of your Blinds.

There are many more benefits to using Cassettes and Side Channels on your Roller Blinds…


– Increase light control, insulation + conceal hardware underneath
– Cost effective way to increase light control
– Great to make kids rooms darker
– Great for people who work shift work
– Economical option for theatre rooms
– Can have up to 3 blinds in the one Cassette all with side channels making it a great option for large windows


Please note that Cassettes and Side Channels will improve a room’s light control, insulation and privacy, but will not create complete darkness in a room.

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