Does size matter when it comes to window coverings?

Does my window look big in this? Does size matter when it comes to window coverings? It sure does!

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Gina Ciancio – Style Curator

Just like many things in life, size matters when it comes to window coverings.


A Curtain that’s too short or a Roller Blind with an awkward overhang will stand out for all the wrong reasons.


With window coverings having the ability to completely transform rooms, it’s no wonder people are investing the time and money to get a solution that’s just right. Don’t underestimate a design and measure service to make the most of your investment. 


These are some of the most important things to keep in mind.


Curtains can be fixed on the wall above a window or from the ceiling.

There may be reasons in your space, such as an obstruction, that make one option a better solution although it generally comes down to style. Mounting your Track on the wall, also called face fit, suits more traditional styles while mounting the Track from the ceiling, called top fit, achieves a modern look. 


If you mount your Track from the wall, it’s important that these are hung some distance above the window and with extra width to frame the window. The right height and width to add depends on your space, such as ceiling height, but the general rule is to go high and go wide. This helps to draw your eye upwards and makes a space feel larger. It also means you can draw your Curtains more to maximise views and prevent light peeping through the sides. 

Increasingly, people are choosing to mount Tracks on the ceiling to achieve the sense of larger and more luxurious spaces. And where possible, are running Curtains from wall to wall. This achieves a designer look and adds thermal insulation.


dollar curtains + blinds have over 50 years’ experience to advise on the best design for each of your rooms, with Curtains and Blinds crafted in their local workrooms.  


Regardless if you mount the Curtain from the wall or ceiling, the 3 options for Curtain length are to float, kiss or puddle. Just as the name suggests, the float is when the Curtain floats delicately above the floor. It’s a great option in high traffic areas or rooms where you have pets in the home. 

“The right height and width to add depends on your space, such as ceiling height, but the general rule is to go high and go wide. This helps to draw your eye upwards and makes a space feel larger.”


A Curtain that kisses the floor means it finishes approximately 1-2cm on the floor. It’s a contemporary look that adds softness to a space. Curtains that puddle finish approximately 10cm on the floor for an opulent look. dollar curtains + blinds can guide you through these options and design your Curtains to your preferred custom length. 


Whatever you do, avoid ready-made Curtains that finish well above the floor as it will create the sense of your room being ‘cut’. It can also defeat the ability to offer privacy and reduces insulation benefits.


Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Cellular Blinds and Venetian Blinds can be designed to be fixed above the frame or in the reveal. When in the reveal, we are always mindful that light can still enter through the sides and top of the Blind. Generally, if they’re being mounted outside the window, extra width and length can be added to ensure it covers the window properly. This is when you can really see the value of custom made Blinds, getting a perfect fit for your window and door measurements.

This same amount of width would also be added to Panel Blinds and Vertical Blinds, although they would be custom made to finish just above the floor for smooth operation.


Plantation Shutters are designed to frame a window perfectly in a hinged, bi-fold or sliding style. Don’t worry if you have irregular shaped windows or doors – dollar curtains + blinds manufacture to fit any size or shape including angles, arches, circles, ovals, triangles, sunbursts, hexagons or even octagons! 


The team can also design Shutters with cut outs for door handles or window winders. Customisation options extend to outside the home with a wide range of Zipscreen, Alfresco and Window Awnings also available at dollar curtains + blinds.

These can transform balconies into outdoor living spaces that you can enjoy year-round, and Awnings on your windows can significantly improve the thermal insulation of your home.


With Australia’s largest range of design options, you’re sure to find the right solution at dollar curtains + blinds. They offer a free design, measure and quote service, so it’s best to let their experts do the measure for a precise fit.


Their design, measure and installation service is available across their entire product range. So, if you’re looking for custom fit window coverings that complement your home beautifully, visit your local dollar curtains + blinds store.

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