Where do I start when choosing window coverings?

Ready, set, go! Getting started with window coverings and no idea where to start? Well here’s all you need to know.

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Gina Ciancio – Style Curator
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It can be a little overwhelming at first when selecting window coverings for your home, but it doesn’t need to be. There are just a few key things to consider, such as style, function and budget, to ensure your window coverings are fit for purpose.



Good design is all about function first so before getting swept up in looking at design inspiration and ordering fabric swatches, consider your space and what you need from your window treatment. 


Is it to diffuse light and offer daytime privacy, or do you need total blockout? Or perhaps both?


Is thermal insulation important, child safety, or perhaps automation – being able to control your window covering with the touch of a button? 


Start with your needs first, and be specific by listing your requirements for each room, as this will help to narrow down your options.


Of course, there’s no ignoring the dreaded B word – budget. 


It’s worthwhile thinking about where you’re happy to splurge and where you may look for cost savings if needed. Such as looking at a premium option like Automated for the most lived in spaces, or a master bedroom, and Sheer Curtains layered over Roller Blinds for spare bedrooms.


Luckily, dollar curtains + blinds has a wide range of affordable options and can arrange multiple quotes with varying design options. 



Once you know your requirements and budget, it’s time to consider the right solution for your home. If your home fits a particular interior style, it’s a good idea to be sympathetic to this and select a window covering that suits the style.

For example, coastal homes are a great fit for Plantation Shutters or Wave Fold Curtains in a light and airy fabric. While traditional style homes are better suited to Soft Roman Blinds or Curtains with a Pinch Pleat. 


This is when it’s a good time to take to Pinterest or design blogs to gather your inspiration. See what looks you are drawn to and save these images. The dc+b living magazine is also packed with inspiration and covers all the different window covering solutions. Get your free edition in store or access it online.


Other than style, it’s also important to consider how you want to feel in the space. Curtains are a great way to add softness and a luxe element to a room, while Roller Blinds or Cellular Blinds are often designed to be drawn up neatly taking up little space so you can maximise your outside views.

Free Design Measure and Quote

Free Design Measure and Quote

Curtain and Blind Planning


That being said, there is a lot of flexibility. And with dollar curtains + blinds having the largest range of fabrics and design options to choose from, almost any window covering is possible.


Seek advice from their expert team to select the best fabric option for your home. Climate and whether or not you have pets in the home should be taken into consideration. For example, some fabrics, such as linen, can shrink so if you live in a humid climate a polyester blend would be a better option as these have a high resistance to mould and bacteria and are more durable.  

Something many people aren’t aware of is how window coverings can look different depending on the time of day. It’s a great idea to take advantage of the unique service dollar curtains + blinds offer where you can borrow full-length samples and hang these in your home to get a true representation of how your window covering will look. 


Often, it’s the smallest details in a space that have the biggest impact so take your time to also consider things like hardware colours, trims, length and control of operation. 


Don’t put selecting window coverings in the ‘too hard basket’ as the earlier you can consider these, the better. For example, if you’re building new or adding an extension and decide you want Curtain tracks in particular rooms, you can talk with your builder about recessing the tracks in the ceiling for a designer look. 

There’s no denying window coverings is a specialised area so it pays to enlist professional advice. The team at dollar curtains + blinds are here to help and have over 50 years’ experience. They provide fully customised detailed quotes covering various design options for you to choose between. 


Get started by visiting your local store so you can view, touch and operate each product. They have the largest network of window covering stores in Australia where they offer a free design, measure and quote service or if you’re building or renovating then they can provide you with expert design advice, a free quote off your house plans and an on-site check measure.

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